Race to Your Goal! December 2020 JLPT

Something that is very beneficial for me is hitting the early SRS stages quite precisely. Doing lessons in the morning, really hitting as close as possible to that first review 4 hours later, and really trying to hit the next review point 8 hours after that. So if you have time to up the review moments to two or three times a day, that could potentially help you take in the material faster.

If I remember a new word during the Apprentice SRS stages, it’s much more likely for me to stick in the long haul. Knowing the kanji of a level well then snowballs into making the vocab easier, since a reasonable percentage of vocab lessons are jukugo words.

If you’re in a position to run scripts, the self-study script plus the additional filters script can be extremely useful. They allow you to practice, among other things, your leeches, or items you got wrong on your last review. It can be great extra practice. :+1:

Some scripts also let you decide what kind of reviews you do in a batch, so if you don’t have time to clear you reviews, you can use that to only do the items in low SRS stages, which benefit most from being reviewed as soon as they are available.

And I see it’s your first post in the Community. Welcome! :smiley: You live here now