Race to Your Goal! December 2020 JLPT

That’s a really fast level! Congratulations!


I was helped by the fact that two of the three night shifts were very quiet!

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I’m confused. What level did you start out on? 18? Why are there no reviews previous to that? Did you reactivate your account after a long period of absence?

Happy New Year everyone!

It’s crazy to think that I started learning Japanese just 5 months ago. Taking a look back, it really feels like I’ve made great progress in my own journey with the Crabigator. With how much work I put in since I started, it’ll be challenging for me to top the work I did this year! My goal is to hit lv 30 by mid-March, just in time for my trip to JP :smiley:

My heatmap:

Dang, that consistency is insane! What’s your secret? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah I rejoined wk at level 15 after years.

Then saw this thread after a few level ups.


Best of luck! Level 30 would put you in a very good spot to read most of the notices and signs. When I went, I was level ~22 and was surprised at how much I could read.

This guide when I first started. I did all lessons and reviews as soon as they became available. I know when I would have new lessons and always made time for those above all else. It also helps to work a job where I can pick up my phone whenever :sweat_smile:. Speaking of phones, I’d attribute my biggest factor to this iOS app - without it, I don’t think I would’ve been as consistent.


I got to level 30! Halfway there, perfect for the start of the year :grin:
I also got 1500 burned items!


Just hit lvl 4! New year, good start! :slight_smile:
Also starting getting some Kanji into master now.

My speed is - 11 days, 9 hours, 4 minutes so far.


Even though it doesnt show its updated at lvl 4 on the forums yet xD

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omg, I hit the lifetime button. It was so easy to click… I got an extra 22 dollar discount too…
I better not quit my job anytime soon. LOL


You can force it by logging out and back in. Congrats on level 4!

Also welcome to the lifetime club @Dazz and @krysta84!


My lifetime sub is my dedication to see this through. I have hit a wall in December, but I’m still here. I did not give up, and I will not give up. I have started my new streak in 2020 and I will make sure I review something every day, even if it’s just a quick one in between. December 31st 2020 I’ll hit 366. (leap year yo).

  1. Hit level 30 in June. Reach Core 4000. Pass July N3 test.
  2. Hit level 50 in December. Reach Core 6000. Pass or near pass N2 test (If near, then aim for July 2021 N2)
  3. Have fun with my studies!

Ultimate goal: Hit level 60, Pass N1, be a translator. Preferred time: somewhere early 2021 would be nice.

Resources available:

  • Lifetime Wanikani
  • Lifetime Iknow
  • Lifetime books I already own (lol)
    Minna no Nihongo 1 and 2 (plus additional workbooks and everything)
    N3 and N2 grammar and reading comprehension of Shin Kansen series.

YES! Come on lvl 6!, YES YES YES. This is where I “disappeared” 6 years ago when life got in the way. :crab:

We back, we out here, we forgetting how to speak proper english in exchange for Japanese! We accept these terms. :volcano: :turtle:


Just hit 20!
One third of the way :smile:
Took 7 days 11 hours.


Thank you :grin: It was too good of an offer to pass upon. I got it to show and prove to myself that I can do it and to show my dedication to see it through to the end. I will learn this! It’s only a matter of time xD

I don’t know how long it will take me… but I do know that I’m going to enjoy it every step of the way!
Even through all the pain on some days.


Happy New Year Everyone!
Just hit level 8 this morning, did level 7 in 6 days and 23 hours! damn I’m super happy, only 3 hours off of perfect time. Hopefully I can keep up this pace lol. Can someone please update me on the table? still can’t do it myself :(. Best of luck to everyone with there next levels!


Holidays can be brutal and can really throw a wrench into studying plans. Congrats to everyone that kept on top of it all and happy new year!

Reached 22 myself and it looks like this is about where I reset to 1 last time. My studying schedule is a lot better this time around, I am more honest with myself when I get something slightly wrong, and things feel better :smiley:

But jeesh, I forgot how brutal some of the look alike kanji can be (especially those with thread on the left side)




The thread on the left one’s are killers for me too.

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Great work making it here again! I look forward to celebrating with you when you hit 23!

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