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I am starting the radicals and completed level one. I want to go back and do it over again. I want to master them before moving on. I cannot figure out how to re-do the lesson.

You don’t. That violates SRS.

Wanikani does not function on a “Take a quiz and continue” style. Instead, what you took were the “lessons”. You cannot re do those, however in 4 hours from the time you did them they will appear in your “reviews” tab, where you must answer them in the same way you answered it in the lessons. If you get a radical right, it moves up 1 step in the SRS ladder (someone has a chart, i don’t) and you must wait 8 hours to get the same review again. If you get it wrong, you move down a level. Once the radicals all are level 4 on the SRS, you unlock more lessons, over kanji. Do those, get reviews, etc. until you level up by getting enough kanji to “apprentice”, which is the 2nd stage (after 4 right answers) of the SRS ladder.
(EDIT: pretty sure the FAQ explains this, not entirely sure tho, so if you have more questions look at it)

Trust me, you’re almost certainly best off letting WaniKani work as intended. The Spaced Repetition System is what helps the material stick in your brain long-term. It’s a tried and true method, and over-reviewing does you no favors.

Don’t think of it as “moving on”. In WaniKani, there is no real moving on. At least, not for 6 months. Those radicals will keep coming back until you prove that you can remember them even after not seeing them for months on end.

I get that you might be bored, though. WaniKani is painfully slow at first, and doesn’t really pick up the pace for a couple weeks. This is important, as it keeps it from becoming overwhelming later on. Once you’ve been doing it for a few months, you can easily end up with 1 or even 2 hours of reviews every day, just to keep up.

“So what can I do now?”
Now is the perfect time to start on learning other parts of language. I recommend picking up Genki I along with the workbook and answer book, and to start learning grammar and vocabulary. Ignore the kanji sections, as WaniKani will have you covered in the long run. There’s other perfectly good grammar sources as well, such as the free Tae Kim materials, and Bunpro: A website that teaches grammar using the same SRS system as wanikani.

I also recommend Ultimate Pimsleur’s japanese for listening/speaking practice, if you can find it in a local library and have time in the day.

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