Question about sharing modfied scripts

Hello everyone.

I am fairly new to WaniKani and I wanted to ask about sharing modified scripts. I think the people who make scripts available for everyone are awesome. That being said, I have modified them a couple of times to fix issues that I had with them. Would it be acceptable to share these modified versions here when giving the original author full credit? Should I instead create my own script if I think the changes are important enough to share with everyone?

In any case, I am happy to be a member of the WankiKani Community. I have really been loving it here.


I could imagine different scriptbuilders having different opinions, so you could ask in the scripts’ threads? But overall, as a person who has never made a script, I feel like most would be okay.

Not saying you have to do it this way, but I would post the modified version in the thread for the original script. Perhaps you could even talk to the original author first and see if they want to integrate the improvements in the original.

That said, if it’s an old unmaintained script, then just go for it


Agreed. If there were an issue with one of my scripts, I’d like to be alerted to it.


Same. If it’s a bug fix or minor change, I’d most likely want to add it to the main script. That way all the people using my script would get the change automatically. If it’s a major change I’d still like to know about it, but anyone is also free to copy and change my scripts as much as they want.


Thanks for your replies everyone. I will reach out to the original author as has been suggested.