Question about animal crossing let's play

so I was re-watching Hanae Natsuki’s Animal Crossing let’s play series and was wondering why he named his island やきゅうしようぜか島。
I’d translate it as “let’s play baseball Island”

My listening skills aren’t that great yet so I missed what exactly he was saying concerning the name of his island.

you can jump to 11:15 in the video.

here’s the link:

According to the captions, it’s a pun and a reference to a popular Japanese comic called Sazae-san. There’s a character named Isono who invites his friend Nakajima to play baseball a lot. So the name of the island is actually supposed to be “Let’s play baseball, Naka(jima).” since 島 is pronounced じま here. Overall, it’s supposed to be a joke.


Indeed. There’s some pretty good English subtitles on this video. :slightly_smiling_face:

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thank you, totally forgot to check for English subs haha :sweat_smile:

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I see, thanks alot :blush:

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Meanwhile Ono Kensho names his island “5+5=” 島 because 10 = とお which sounds like とう = 島

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ikr haha found that super funny :joy: