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Sorry not entirely sure where to post this question but I keep getting the kanji meaning for 莫 wrong because I automatically interpret it as ‘limitless’ instead of ‘endless’. I understand there’s a nuanced difference between the two but isn’t ‘limitless’ close enough to ‘endless’ so that it is an acceptable answer?


I understand your frustration, but not necessarily. Endless describes eternity or forever, whereas although limitless could, limitless is more like showing that an amount of a physical thing is infinite. You would normally only say time is limitless if you were talking about a time limit, not really the continuation of time. Think of it that way!


Though the basic meaning of 莫 in words like 莫大, where this is the relevant meaning, is “really big”, so I don’t see “limitless” or “endless” being a super meaningful distinction.

If you can remember that 莫 means おおきい or はてしない in that word, that’s the important thing.

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As another thing to chew on, 限 normally expresses the idea of a limit, such as 無制限.

WaniKani words perhaps, but in other words like 莫逆の友, “very close friend” endless is probably a better distinction. My friend til the end of time translates better than my friend without limits. I think greenhouse is a “meaning” too? just go with that one lol

莫大 is some orders of magnitude more common, so I personally won’t lose much sleep over it. :man_shrugging:


Lol, I’ve just made this exact mistake :sweat_smile:

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Download jisho dictionary type the kanji, tap on a word containing it. And it will list the kanji and other meaning of that kanji. With that being said. I would have added limitless or endless or whatever. To me at least as long the meaning is not that far off i really dc. You guys can argue with me but in the end, it isn’t supposed to be perfectly perfect all the time. As long as you understand the “feeling” or “meaning” in your head.


Thanks! I agree with you here.


Sorry but I don’t feel this is helpful. I’ve made this mistake numerous times to the point where I start to doubt my understanding of English and then Google the words and find ‘endless’ and ‘limitless’ are actually synonymous with each other. A different as they can be, they can be interchanged with each other in English so it does look like there is room for interpretation.

Also I don’t feel your analysis really holds up. It’s not uncommon to hear limitless and endless being used interchangeably. This is just how I think of it.
“The examples of attacks on personal liberty seem almost limitless
“The examples of attacks on personal liberty seem almost endless

you can add your own synonyms for words so if you think it’s similar enough that you shouldn’t have to worry about the distinction then just add limitless as a synonym. then they can both be marked as correct~ :slight_smile:

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ah thanks! I’ve overlooked that feature

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