Wrong (supposedly) meaning accepted

莫 kanji accepted “greenhouse” as a meaning, whereas the actual meaning is “endless”
Is this a hidden synonym? Or is it a bug?


The radical (same) is greenhouse.

Greenhouse is in the allow list.

I know that’s the case, but does the kanji also mean greenhouse? If so, is it the same reading? A simple google search didn’t work for me.

Wouldn’t really say that it means “endless” either. It’s a weird one, wouldn’t worry that much about it.

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The actual story is a little longer. WaniKani initially decided to give the radical 莫 the meaning “greenhouse” to make it more memorable and a combination of its smaller radicals. As a result also the same meaning was given to the kanji. There was general dissatisfaction on the forums as many people considered it going a little too far with renaming kanji which have accurate historical meanings.

“Endless” was the compromise as it fits the meaning in 莫大 and in 砂漠 (slightly different kanji, but the meaning partially overlaps)

You might see a similar issue with 豪 whose meaning in WaniKani has nothing to do with its real meaning.


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