Putting together a study plan for the next 3 weeks

Hi everyone! It’s that time of year where my finals are coming up!

I have 3 final Japanese exams – writing, oral and reading/grammar. I’m in the middle of trying to put together a study plan together for the next couple of weeks until my final exam on 13th June, but to be honest I’m getting mixed up in how to manage my time effectively.

The points I’ve highlighted for myself are:

  • Writing practice
  • Reading practice
  • Speaking/listening practice
  • Vocabulary (the enemy)
  • Grammar study (and actually using it)
  • Kanji practice (my class is following another kanji workbook)

I’ve spoken to my tutor on italki and he’s happy for me to take half an hour sessions with him everyday until the oral exam, so I feel like I’ve got that bit covered, but it’s everything else I’m not sure how much time to dedicate time too.

Should I alternate days between reading practice day, writing practice day, kanji practice day? Should I do a mix of all of them in a day? I have no idea. Realistically I’m looking at 5-6 hours to study a day.

I know I have a weakness in actually producing sentences, both writing and speaking. I have a bunpro account and have been paying for a subscription, would this be good enough to keep retaining grammar, and then using writing and speaking to practice actually using it?

I also have a Japanese friend who’s happy for me to send my writing practice to him and he can check over it for me, and I know there’s lang-8 and HelloTalk I can use for other feedback.

Thanks in advance for any pointers!

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