Vocab difficulty passing

I just started wanikani and I’m trying to do my first set of vocab. But I can’t seem to get any of them correct. For instance for “two things” it’s telling me to write futau and so that’s what I’m writing but it won’t accept it. What’s going wrong here? Is it a bug or is it me not understanding something?

Two things is ふたつ, futatsu
Also are you sure it’s not asking for the meaning?


Well, in the specific example you’ve given, “two things” is actually ‘futatsu’ - I’m not sure whether you just made a typo here, but if not that would explain that one.

I would also make sure that you’re providing the reading (futatsu) when it asks for the reading, and the meaning (two things) when it asks for the meaning.

Otherwise, I would really recommend that you read the FAQ and the Guide, as those will answer a lot of your questions about text input and so on.

Welcome to WaniKani, anyway! :sparkles::crabigator::sparkles:

goddammit kumi-sama :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, my bad I misread the hiragana it seems. Embarrassing. Thank you lol.


Welcome here.

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It’s very easy to make that sort of mistake in the beginning! That’s why we’re here practicing.



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