Pulled the trigger. I reset my wanikani

I felt rather sad about having to do it but I fell so far behind after the last few months of stress and my reviews just ended accumulating to a point where it felt absolutely impossible to review and learn after months of non-use. So, I decided a fresh start was the best way to try again and begin trying to rebuild study habits and confidence. Anyone else done the same? What did you do to try and stick with it better the next time round?


I reset my account a couple of months back. Hadn’t used it in a couple of years and so had forgotten even most of the things I’d burned. This time round I’m going a lot slower. Less Wanikani, more grammar and other vocabulary tools to help with getting my reading comprehension up to a point where Wanikani is actually useful. Seems to be going well.


Welcome. It’s a drag, huh! I’ve been here for eight years, give or take. Only one or so actively studying, though. I’ve reset… Too much.

After I reset this time I promised myself two things. One, to go slooooow. I use the lesson cap script to keep my own promise. I’ve got mine set to 65 and this keeps my reviews per day very manageable… Around 50-70 most days, but sometimes up to 85…ish.

The second thing is to actually learn grammar and get a use for the things I learn on here. Learning a bunch of words without being able to actually use them to read or write just… Sucks.

I also do my reviews every day. Every day at least. Maximum efficiency is not neccessary, but if you let them build up, you’re in for a terrible ride.


What level did you get to before?

I reset from 51 to 31 to 1 earlier this year. I was mostly having a hard time summoning up motivation to work at this thing. A bunch of stuff happened in December. So WK didn’t feel fun at all anymore. Now I feel a lot more at peace with my progress and pace, and having a lot more fun doing WK than I was before.

Right now I keep to a 20 lesson per day schedule, doing them all in the morning. The morning after I level up, I do about 8-9 kanji, 11-12 vocab + new radicals, usually about 6 at this point. Other days I only do the kanji+vocab lessons. This lets me level up at about a 7-8 day pace, without skipping any vocab.

Since I’m pretty far along in my Japanese studies, retention is pretty high. Even though I may not remember every single item from my first run through. So I have few leeches (though I do have some, I’m sure).


Just remember that the hardest step to take isn’t the first one, it’s the next one. Always the next one. :wink:

Keep at it.


I got to about level 5 before and have reset all the way back to 1. A lot of my concern is about maintaining a motivation level actually. When I had gotten to level 5 before I was steam rolling really well but then I missed a day, then it was a week, then it was a month and things snowballed out of control. If I can keep it to a lower level per day like that I think it would make a big difference on building long term retention and habit forming along side grammar and vocab building!

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I had no idea about lesson cap!! Thank you for this link and the other suggestions. That was a big hurdle I feel I ran into before, learning words and kanji without a structure to place them in made it hard to keep using them beyond instant memory.

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My advice is to never reset, just move forward. Yeah, you’ll get some wrong (maybe a lot), but just do reviews for a while. I think the gating that happens to pace makes resetting is not worth it.

I’m probably going to go back through now that I finished, but I’m going to unburn manually rather than reset.


Use the forum as motivation! Participate in an active thread and also maybe a couple threads with objectives. I’m in the POLL thread a lot and we motivate each other a lot between the banter. I’ve also committed to post once a level in the 0/0 streak challenge. It stops me from levelling up with too many lessons left over. I also joined the olympian thread. There are a few like this where you post every time you level up.

I’m too lazy to do one but some people feel more accountable by making a log and maintain it on the forum. Even if it’s just one sentence a day to summarise what you’ve done.

you can do it!


Pretty much after the fact, though. But yeah, I have also done the work back from a backlog built up over a week of low to no activity. And I did feel good about going forward from those points. But in the end I do feel that resetting was the best choice for me.

Especially at a low level like 5, I can see both sides of the coin. On the one hand, you don’t have so many items yet that it’s hard to see an end to the review pile, but on the other hand, if you reset it can be the basis for starting off with good habits, instead of just buckets of enthousiasm. And you can get back up to 5 in a month, if you want to.

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Do people generally create logs in the forum here for their own progress? Forgive me if that question is obvious, I’m still a little new to the forums. I do think an active thread of accountability/mutual encouragement could be great, as community is a great motivator for me. I will browse around and take a look! Thank you for your advice.

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Hello! I have reset also. You can slow down the amount of reviews you get by limiting the number of new words you take on. I only do 3 new words every other day. That keeps my reviews around 60 or 70 a day. ( I usually check in to WaniKani twice a day to do the reviews, so usually 30 waiting in the morning, and 30 by end of the day). Take it slow and it will ease up on you. Takes time to find your perfect rhythm with it. I have been overwhelmed by it too!
Hang in there! がんばってね!

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There are so many!

it’s up to you to be on the list or not.


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