So I reset my progress

Damn I’m so frustrated.

So I left my reviews for a while. Life was getting busy, and I had too much uni homework to keep up. I always told myself I’d go back, even kept wk open in a tab for a good half a year, but in the end, I decided that I didn’t have enough time.

Flash forward to now, and I was inspired to learn again. I guess I have a bit more free time now, so I opened up wk. I was frustrated because, well, there were over 300 kanji I’d gotten to enlightened, and I couldn’t remember a single one of them. I was frustrated because it felt like all that time I’d spent doing reviews a year ago was wasted. If only I’d kept it up, I would’ve learnt so much more.

Anyway, that’s how we got here. I’ve reset my progress, and it’s back to the radicals. Hey, at least I remember these. I’m curious if any of you have experienced this and how it was for you. Let me know below! :persevere:


Welcome back!
All I can suggest is if life gets too busy never give up on wanikani completely. Even means a small apprentice queue and you only spending 15 mins a day, that is better then leaving for a extended time. That case lifetime membership probably best.
What’s I think at least. I have college classes and a full time job myself so struggle to finish my reviews some days >.< but at least try

Wish you the best of luck!


I reset from lvl 11 to lvl 1 and initially I felt the same as you, very frustrated that I had gotten to the point I needed to reset. After some time I thought no point in crying about it after the fact, if I did I wouldn’t be able to move past it and progress. Well look where I am now, just a few months from reaching lvl 60 and completing WaniKani.


Reset from lvl 17 to lvl 2 in August after 4 months off (I’d been doing lessons and reviews for 2 months before the break with debilitating headaches that were impacting my memory - like you, stuff was coming up for guru and master reviews and I had zero recollection of every having seen them before).

I have found this time around, since I understand how the system works now, that I am much more consistent and much better able to remember everything (I’ve even got my head around those pesky trans/intrans verb pairs) and as a result have a near-100% accuracy rate.

Best of luck to you!


I just did this myself, this morning. Not to the beginning, but, from nearly at 22 to 17. Had been on Vacation mode since early July with about 500 reviews. Went back through the levels and decided lvl 17 was a good fit for where my memory left off. But still about 150 kanji down the drain (for now.)

The way I see it, though, it’s better to get back on the horse than to not to. And if that means retracing some steps along the way, so be it. You’ll get to where you want to be as long as you keep trying. That’s what I believe, anyway. :slight_smile:

Just don’t ever give up. And even if you find you need to take a break, just remember you can always come back, and that you’ll get there!


It happens. Best thing is to recognize that it happens and don’t beat yourself up over it. I think a good many of us have had to reset at some point.


Hey there, don’t get discouraged! You’ve definitely made the right decision. I’ve had to reset my progress twice for similar reasons (having a baby, too busy). I was level 18 first time round and 28 second time.

I know what you mean about not remembering anything and it’s totally disheartening. I can almost guarantee however that the information is still there and once you get back into it it will all come back and be stronger. I’ve found that my first 11 levels are now pretty much instant recollection. I may have passed them first time round, but it was always after some thought.

Use this as an opportunity to do things better this time round and setting things up so that it’s sustainable. I think that’s one of the hardest things about wk, in that you aren’t totally unaware of what’s to come and at the start you just want to fly though things, but it catches up with you unless you have infinite spare time. Best of luck!


Thanks for the inspiration. The community here is just amazing.


I just just reset back to level 1 from lvl 13. I think I probably went overkill, but I really wanted to do kaniwani at the same time. I have found that (so far) I have been able to remember and even produce vocab words way better. I am going with the slow steady progress this time, instead of rushing it like I did last time.


I had also reset from level 12 to level 1 after my final college semester had me too busy full time teaching to really focus on reviews. By the time I had graduated and decided to pick up where I left off, I had 1700 reviews and the number was just way too overwhelming. Especially since I was getting so many of them wrong. But now I’m working hard and almost back to where I was! I’m excited to start learning the newer kanji again.

Actually resetting felt really beneficial and nice to me. I was overjoyed when I remembered a reading from a simpler kanji in earlier levels. There are still a lot of vocabulary words that I keep messing up though (damn you 下がる/下げる… or transitive/intransitive in general)


wk right now feels like playing a game on godmode. i’m invincible, and all the monsters are pushovers i can oneshot.

levels don’t mean anything. you can read something or you can not, and getting back into it, with knowledge and experience from the past, gives me a nice sense of progress and something to do during my commute.


It’s likely that the 300 kanji you couldn’t remember will return to their original status in your memory faster than it took to get them there the first time. So the time wasn’t wasted.


I am finding that some of the kanji I couldn’t say off the top of my head are coming back way stronger now. Plus these are some of the most common kanji, so it’s good to know them exceptionally well.


I almost did a reset myself too but in the end I didn’t

I’m real busy with my work especially in spring ( from february to August )
and keeping up with all the reviews and lessons is hard .
In the end my reviews piled to 750 … ( stuck at level 25 )

I decided to not take any new lessons and do the reviews slowly , at my own pace
It took me 6 months … and now I’m taking lessons and levelled up to level 27 !

there are many topics about people complaining that WK is too slow ( or people doing WK too fast , each level with 7 days only ) but in the end the only good pace is the one that match your own life !
maybe it will take you longer to reach level 60 but it does not matter
the only thing that matter is to learn kanji reading and that’s all !

Do it your own way ! :smiley:


I just reset in August. It was worth it. I am not overwhelmed, with 100 reviews each day, and I am enjoying myself.


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