Is there another way to find this?


Bribe @rfindley to put off his real work and hurry it up?


It was part of the old version, but that one no longer exists.


Would you mind moving this to the ‘API and 3rd-Party Apps’ category? The stats site is a project by a WK user, not an official part of the product :slightly_smiling_face:

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Roger that!



That’s sad to hear.

Oh didn’t know, thanks for that. Already moved!

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It used to look like this fyi

I actually was able to use this…

I’m just wondering how much my stat and proj have changed tho. :sweat_smile: and if i can still hit level 60 in the Q2 of next year :laughing:

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you can finish by Q2 of next year if you want to. We’re a t the same level but you’re going a bit faster, I joined the 2121 olympians thread but i set my goal to be a bit more lax. Most people in there are aiming for lvl 60 for the olympics so that’s another few weeks on Q2.

you could still join though… it’s nice to be a in a group of people with similar finish line objectives.

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Oh i haven’t seen that thread yet. I’ll check that out.

I joined the Luminaries a week ago tho :laughing:

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You did it bro :smiley:

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