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I’ve been trying to check my Wall of Shame since I’ve been buggering up my reviews a lot recently but every time I click on the profile option, it leads me back to my dashboard instead.
This happened a while back as well and I gave up last time, hoping it’d be functional when I next logged in. It’s still not working for me though, even after logging in and out at intervals several times to no effect.

Anyone else having the same trouble? Any idea what I can do to fix it?

you must be clicking on the wrong link, it works fine for me

Uh. I’ve been trying to fix this for two weeks now, I think I’d have noticed if I was clicking the wrong link. Besides, I’ve tried checking the web address itself, it’s fine but redirects me to the dashboard anyway.

Uhh, no need to get sassy when someone tries to help either :man_shrugging:

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The ‘uh’ makes it sassier than intended tbh. I appreciate you trying to help, thanks.

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Sounds like a weird one.
Clicking the link you provided above sends me straight to your profile as it should.

Have you tried a force refresh (Ctrl+F5) to clear the cache? (even though I can’t see how this would have been a problem, can’t hurt to try)
Which browser are you using and does it happen with other browsers?
I doubt they would cause this, but do you have any userscripts running?

Sorry I don’t actually have a solution for you, but those questions might help shed some light on the situation when someone more knowledgable arrives.

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I just tried from my laptop and the link works on Chrome but doesn’t on Safari. No user scripts.

And I’d been trying to access my profile from Safari on my phone before too. Still can’t access it through Safari but I’ve gotten a peek at my Wall of Shame and doubt I’ll be needing to look at my profile again any time soon. So it’s fine, maybe it’ll just figure itself out or something.

Thanks for the suggestions! They really helped :blush:

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