Practicing Grammar

I know the “official” definition of several grammar particles, but I can’t seem to be able to use them to form sentences with a lot of excruciating thought put into each sentence. Is there an easier faster way to become comfortable with them?

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Are you trying to use 1 particle at a time?

You just need to practice them, but it needs time. Start with understanding the concepts first of what the most common particles can do. Try writing super simple sentences with one at a time. You’ll get them with time :slight_smile:

Also, don’t mind about getting stuff wrong. Just try. If it’s wrong, try to get them corrected with a language exchange partner or on an app like HiNative. Seeing your mistake and then the correction can really be eye-opening.


if it’s only about the particles I’ve encountered one extremly nice thing. It were several sentences all built like:
私はあなたとレストランで食べました。(I ate with you at the restaurant), but with always changed particles.
There were some that made actual sense like:
私はあなたのレストランで食べました。(I ate at your restaurant) and some that made less sense like:
私はあなたとレストランを食べました。(I ate you and the restaurant/I ate the restaurant with you).

I put these sentences into my anki deck with both way cards, so I could get a feeling for the particles.

But generally grammar is a thing you will need to put a lot of practice into, meaning you will have to do many excercises to ingrain the grammar into your mind. Another good way to get that ingraining done is reading, but without massive exercising and reading the concepts will not become natural to use.

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Thank you!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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