Practice thread. Work out your confusion (with other confused people) here

Hey. After some talking in another thread, I wanted to make a thread for casually practicing your skills (or lack thereof) and ask just what the heck your doing wrong.

So welcome one and all. I don’t bring sparkles, and sadly, I have a diagnosed gif deficiency, but I do bring a willingness to help work out grammatically kinks, and a place to bounce around questions without shame.

So throw your dumbest, I’ve done dumber.

My first question:
So far at the beginning I can’t read any of the example sentences. I just don’t have the vocabulary. Surprisingly though, this one I almost could:
Moon (so month) no Six Day (so month’s sixth day) ni (so on that day) Kuma-ga Baa-ni (bar was an easy guess) yatte kita (confused me, but a variant of to come).

So the bear came to the bar on the sixth day of the month.

So what the bloody hell is an eyeball doing there??!!
目 < right there.
I assume I’ll be taught this later, but rather than patiently wait, I’ve just got to know the answer to that burning question.

目 also attaches to the end of number words as an ordinal number. So, instead of just day 6, it’s the 6th day. You’ll learn a word like this in level 12 too (三番目, third thing). I can’t pretend to be an expert, but that’s the gist of it.

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i just learned something new

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i think that means “finally came”?

Nvm a quick search tells me it means “came”。

目 can have the abstract meaning of “the visually prominent feature of something” and this could be the source of using it as an ordinal number marker.


Since most people come to the forums for fun and do there dry study elsewhere, I think I’ll try a game for practice. In addition to this being a thread for questions.

Post a sentence in Japanese. Then the next poster will try to translate that sentence, point out any errors, and offer suggestions (if any are needed) on how to make it more natural.
Then post your own sentence for the next user,

I’ll start:

わたし or 私 = I; 宇宙 = space; ズボン = pants; はきたい = to wear/put on.
I wear space pants. Or, I put on space pants?


Want to wear.

The use of を instead of が indicates a very low degree of want, though.


Oh, I see! Understood. (´꒳`) Thanks for the correction!

And I didn’t know the が vs をdifference!

That’s two people who’ve learned already.

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