Practice that coincides with Tae Kim's Guide?

Hello !!

Was wondering, do you all know if there’s a resource out there that has practice sheets and stuff that coincides with Tae Kim’s complete guide ? I’m starting with that to learn Japanese and then I’m going to move onto something else, but I’m feeling like I need some kind of source to use to practice alongside it. Should I just try by myself and correct my own stuff, making sure to be careful that I’m correcting it correctly lol ?

If there isn’t I try making some different things for myself and then post it if anyone else is goin through his guide and has a similar problem.

Thank you !!

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I don’t know of any resource that has any practice material. The lack of exercises and practice material is a big reason why many people don’t recommend using Tae Kim as your only resource. If you aren’t able to use any paid resources, you could try putting the example sentences from Tae Kim’s guide into anki and using them to practice.


I haven’t tried it but I think you can set Bunpro to keep in time with tae Kim

You can set it up with Genki, Minna no Nihongo and Tobira, but not Tae Kim unfortunately.

I believe they want to add that path

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@Golgo13 I have seen mentions of it. Mostly by BunPro members wanting it, but maybe the staff confirmed the intention. Currently there is no Tae Kim path on BunPro. :slight_smile:

If you check out the thread, they confirmed they will be doing a Tae Kim path once they are done with Tobira. Yay for more grammar assistance \o/

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Nice! :+1:

I would love to see that implemented, but im afraid ill probably finish bunpro before that happens anyway.
But heeey, i guess i can always reset it and follow tae kim’s guide then.

When i went through his guide i didnt really do any exercises, i read every part several times so a lot of it actually still sticks, But i guess you could still use his guide as a supplement to look up points from bunpro on your own and just follow the default path. In general id say bunpro is pretty clear on the points it drills you on, but when encountering something difficult, getting a different perspective from the guide helps with comprehension

@Ayokana Oh h, okay. Thanks for the suggestion !! I’m looking into different books and things so that after I’m done going through Kim’s guide as a sort of overview, I’m gonna go through another more official source.
@zthomson Ah, I’ve been considering buying BunPro… I’ll probably wait til I have more money, and then do the free trial first see what it’s like.

Do you guys think it’d be helpful for people going through Kim’s guide to have some resouces like practice sheets and things that coincide with the lessons ? Because if so, I could share whatever practice stuff I make for myself in the forum maybe.

Thanks again for the feedback !!

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