What BunPro grammar path should I choose?


I just joined Bunpro and see that there are 7 different types of grammar paths. Does anyone have any reasons why one would be better than the others in some way. Right now I just picked the Tae Kim path because I’ve heard a lot of good things on this forum. I guess what I’m looking for with my grammar studies is something that teaches the essential items first.

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I don’t think any are better than others - the paths are made to follow along with the associated textbook (including Tae Kim’s grammar guide). Textbooks are organized differently and cover different material depending on the target audience (eg. Genki = beginners, Tobira = more intermediate).

If you don’t use a textbook, then the default Bunpro path for the N-level you want to study is fine for covering all the bases.


I’d suggest following the standard Bunpro path because each lesson builds on the previous one - otherwise you end up coming across grammar that you haven’t studied yet (this was what happened to me when I tried to follow the Minna No Nihongo path alongside my textbook).


This is so true. While it seems like it makes sense to go through the order of your textbook, it’s not the best option in my opinion (though I like that they added the option!). If you go the Genki I route for example, you’re going to have ごろ as a grammar point in the third chapter. It’s not difficult in itself but when you look at the example sentences in bunpro, you’re going to encounter sentences like また1時ごろに仕事に戻らなくてはいけないので、1時までにご飯を食べようと思う which is pretty much impossible for you to understand if you’ve only done the first two chapters of Genki I. If you do the lessons in the bunpro grammar order you have the benefit that the example sentences won’t use grammar you haven’t learned at that point. And I feel like bunpro doesn’t have as much value if you just translate certain phrases (like seeing “around 1 o’clock” and writing “1時ごろ”) instead of trying to understand the sentences as a whole.


I’m actually considering resetting from the Bunpro path, and following the Tae Kim path alongside with studying Tae Kim’s method as well. I have found that Bunpro’s path doesn’t teach you similar grammar structures at the same time, which makes it hard to determine nuance between the structures. Since tae Kim sorts grammar based on meaning, I hope to have a better understanding of the grammar this way.

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I found the default BunPro path to be a total mess without any order to it.Related items (things as basic as ここ/そこ/あそこ) are taught many lessons apart from each other for some reason???


I’ll also recommend the Tae Kim path.
Tae Kim’s grammar guide is made to build on top of one another. You start with the fundamentals of it and you build on top.

Genki just starts you with Keigo right away and introduces grammar according to the sentences they want to teach you. From what I’ve seen of Minna no Nihongo’s path, it has even less proper order than even Genki.

What I did personally is just select all grammar I’ve already gone through when I just joined Bunpro, and then I privileged Tae Kim’s grammar guide.
I let the textbooks take a backseat mostly, but when I get to a new chapter I just check the same lessons on Bunpro, but as a general rule, Tae Kim will get you farther faster, and it has more of a logic to it that in the long run will make learning the entirety of grammar for you much easier.


I recommend using bunpro’s default order. Since they made it in that order the sentences will be more understandable that way.
An early example is short form. Genki doesn’t do anything with short form until lesson 9. If you do bunpro genki lesson one, one of the sentences is これは私の兄だ which uses short form.
You definitely need a separate work book, cause bunpro doesn’t make you write full sentences and does the word order for you.

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