Bunpro Vs tae kim

I have tried Tae kim’s guide. It was appealing but paused it to come back with sufficient knowledge of kanji. But here I have heard mentions of bunpro. Can anyone rate bunpro? And bunpro Vs tae Kim if possible. I know bunpro has review system but apart from that …any pros and cons?

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They’re not really the same thing. Bunpro provides an SRS review system, but you still have to learn the grammar points elsewhere (they provide links to other sites where you can get explanations.)


I use Bunpro. Bunpro and Tae Kim are complementary. You need a grammar source such as Tae Kim to learn the grammar points. Bunpro will test you on the grammar and track your progress using SRS. Bunpro offers also a good list of examples sentences for each grammar point, a search engine on grammar points and a cramming tool for self-study.

I like Bunpro and recommend it. Learning from a source like Tae Kim gives you no feedback on whether you understand the grammar correctly. The best feedback is to have a teacher but if you can’t have that Bunpro is a sensible choice. It will test you and mark you as right or wrong.

The inconvenient is that it has a “fill in the blanks” approach to grammar. It presents you a sentence with a blank space to be filled and an English description of what the sentence is supposed to mean. You fill in the blank using the grammar point and Bunpro evaluates your answer. Some people memorize the sentences and learn the answers by heart instead of trying to understand the grammar. That defeats the point.

They have a one month free trial period. I recommend you use it to find for yourself whether Bunpro is a good fit for you.


I use both. Just to add, there’s also a Tae Kim path on Bunpro now, so you can now complement what you learn on Tae Kim with reviews on Bunpro. Bunpro also provides a 1 month free trial, so you might want to try it out yourself :slight_smile:


As mentioned above, Bunpro doesn’t teach you anything by itself - it’s a review tool. It does however have a lot of links to various grammar pages, including Tae Kim’s guide.


Can you send a link or explain to which bunpro are you referring? Funnily enough, there are multiple bunpro and I ain’t understanding which’s the one. Besides the bunpro I came across is free. So Idk as to which are you referring to.

https://bunpro.jp/ is what you’re looking for. SRS is subscription(paid), like WaniKani; however, content is free, also like WaniKani.


I am referring to https://www.bunpro.jp/. Now that you’re mentioning “which” bunpro, is it possible you’re referring to the bunpo app? There’s bunpro, which is what we’re all referring to in this thread, then there’s bunpo.


This is the free one If I am not wrong. And the creator says it has only N5 as of now

There’s only one bunpro. I have heard there are multiple bunpo apps, but am unaware of the specifics. (Not surprising since bunpo is just the word for grammar, well, one way to render that word in romaji)


http://bunpro.jp is paid and has grammar until N1.


I know bunpro has up until around N2. I think you might be talking about bunpo, since that only has N5 or N4, iirc.

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Also, maybe take a look at the bunpro thread.


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