Practice reading hiragana

Hi people. So I just finished learning hiragana and was wondering if there is anywhere I can practice it.


I want to know if there is any site dedicated to reading strings of hiragana with the intent to do it as quickly as possible. If the site involves me entering in an answer, I don’t want it. Regular reading interjects kanji every now and then obviously, which is whatever, but I want to specifically focus on my speed for hiragana. My current best bet is song lyrics and just reading hira+furi, but I want something a bit better if possible.


A lot of manga aimed at younger kids have a ton do furigana. Would something like that suffice?

I think just reading normally should be able to increase your hiragana speed though. I don’t think there is a need to go out of your way for hiragana. Katakana, maybe. But hiragana is basically everywhere in written form.

Your best bet is to look at story books for kids.
Almost no kanji, and they have furigana.


Thats no different than reading song lyrics though.

And it does, but I would like for it to be faster. When I read, I have all sorts of other worries like grammar/kanji/vocab I dont know.

If you’re thinking that blazing through hiragana will help you focus on those elements, it doesn’t. The only effective way is to do some grammar exercises and memorize vocabulary one at a time. I.e. working on these weakness before polishing your strengths. People and abilities are only as effective as their weakest components after all.

I think at about N2 and a little bit you can read most of the material out there.

You should try reading reviews on ! It’s a really great resource for beginners and advanced students alike :smile:

  • Get a random text you want to read.
  • Insert it in here: Japanese Translator | RomajiDesu
  • Click “Translate Now”
  • Check the kana transcription.
  • Profit $$$ (?)

Dude this guy knows the cheat codes. 聞け外人ら.

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Just tried. It turns を into お, though.

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I dont. I think practicing reading hiragana will make me able to read hiragana faster.

I want to be able to read hiragana faster.

Therefore…I want to practice reading hiragana. Maybe I should make a thread on it and ask if theres a better way out there than what I’m doing right now.


Actually may not be too bad. I’ll give that a try tonight and see how I like it. Thanks m8

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Well, I think it won’t help to read texts 100% in kana though xD


True. Well, just something to pay attention to.

EDIT: は becomes わ…

If I might ask, why do you want to read Hiragana faster specifically? I don’t think you need to focus on it intentally considering your WaniKani progress and amount of reading?

He lies. He is still learning hiragana.

Well, は becoming わ feels less like a problem, since は happens naturally in other words.
I assume that へ, when marking direction, also turns to え, but you will still end up reading some へ anyway.
However, you will never see をthat was…

Im just not happy with the speed at which it takes me to say, sound out 楽しんでもらいたいからっていう. Nothing to do with me knowing the words, just how long it takes me to sound it out. I don’t feel like it flows as well as it should. It sounds weird, but the most difficult part of the sentence
でも、同時に、自分が後悔したくないからっていう理由もあるんですよね is the hiragana for me. Obviously I can read it, but not as fast as the rest of the sentence. It doesn’t feel as automatic as I want it too.

I still think going out of your way to practice your Hiragana reading speed is ineffective in the long run. Just reading, which lets you practice grammar and get new words, should be sufficient in boosting your hiragana ability. It’s hitting two birds with one stone in my opinion.

Also, as a side note, long strings of Hiragana like in

Is tricky to read really no matter how much you practice. That’s because if your eyes wander for a second whether by fatigue or reading too fast, you lose your place and have to start from the kanji.

With that said, @jprspereira answer is probably the best if you want to practice Hiragana (though, it might be a little wonky if the other comments are something to go by)

Ive been reading for months. If I was content with the rate of improvement from that, I wouldn’t have made this thread on the first place. Maybe I just have a higher standard, maybe I have a harder time parsing hiragana than you, who knows.