Practice reading hiragana

Have you tried reading from right to left and top to bottom? I find that tends to help me sometimes and other times it causes me lots of problems. Not sure why…

Like how light novels are written? I mean, yeah I do when I read light novels. Most text I come across is written left to right top to bottom like english and its not in my control. Between the two I wouldn’t say I notice any difference, though.

I wasn’t actually trying to be helpful…:upside_down_face:

On an also unhelpful note, I have noticed the more words I learn, the less of a problem it is, but still a lot of the time I am like wtf is going on, give me those kanji please.


Yeah lol, I guess im different. Its just the speed at which I recall the actual readings of individual hiragana in rapid succession is below my standards. I figured if X wasn’t helping me as much as I liked, it was time to switch to Y.

But everything you say will always be helpful in its own unique way.

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Have you tried PIBO app for Android / iOS?

Actually, any picture book aimed at Japanese children should work fine.

Couldn’t find it. Got a direct link

Again, thats pretty much what I’ve been doing. The goal was to find something different.

PIBO actually. I misremembered.

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There is. It’s called type kana and you can find it here.

Edit: I should learn to read…

me too thanks


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