Practice kanji and vocab by JLPT level

Are there any user scripts (similar to the self-study quiz script) available that allow you to revisit kanji and vocab by JLPT level?

Not that I am aware of, but you could create a custom filter for the self study quiz that lets you do this. I will check it out if I have time, or maybe @seanblue is interested. At least I can provide all the required data with the item -> JLPT mapping.

Thanks for the reply! I’m kind of a newb to third party apps, how would I go about creating a custom filter for the self study quiz?

If you use Additional Filters with Self Study, one of the filters allows you to paste a list of kanji. If you use that along with a filter to only study kanji, it should work for studying the kanji part at least (assuming all the kanji you want to study are in WaniKani). You’d have to supply the list of kanji for the JLPT level, but you might be able to get that from That won’t help for studying the vocab though.

@adamley @acm2010 If you want to study everything from a JLPT level, even if it’s not in WaniKani, it’s not as simple as creating a filter. You’d have to create an entire new data source. rfindley has support for that in Open Framework, but you’d have to ask him how to go about it (or read the Open Framework docs). I certainly don’t have time to build it myself.

@adamley I was assuming that you want to revisit things on WK only, it gets more complicated if you want to study the whole list.

I will check it out on the weekend, I don’t think it’s a huge problem to load a JS file and compare the level.

@seanblue I have found your post on how to install the additional filters script, so I will see how I get on with that for the time being.

@acm2010 Yes I mainly want to study N5 kanji covered in WK


Thanks for the help guys, much appreciated.

You can check if this is working for you in the self-study script: installation link.

When you open the self-study quiz and go to the settings with the cogwheel, you should see a new option “JLPT Levels” where you can choose one or more levels. You can also combine it with other filters, like item type kanji only.

I haven’t really tested it, let me know that it does!