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Would to be stopped be a find synonym for 止まる?

I think that I use the ‘to be’ shows to me that I know it’s the intransitive verb form of 止める so I feel it’s fine but, I figured I’d get people’s advice first.

So I’ll say up front that if it works for you then that’s fine. You’ll find that English glosses for Japanese words will almost always have compromises.

However, “to be stopped” I would think of as 止まられる since they’re both passive forms and that can confuse the issue when the distinction is transitive vs intransitive.

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I feel the same. I think, WK is (trying) to address the transitive / intransitive in adding the term “something”, in this case: 止まる (To Stop) and 止める (To Stop Something).

Anyways, good luck with your studies :four_leaf_clover:

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