Possible problem on Oreo Android

I don’t know if this is worth emailing in because I never had this problem before i got a new phone and I can’t replicate it every time, but this has happened to me a couple of times and now that it’s gotten me one wrong it’s become more than a minor annoyance.

When I entered the simple jukugo reading for 対立 I accidentally hit う instead of い while entering like I’m supposed to using an English keyboard, and when I typed in りつ after backspacing to correct the error, it copied the entire string again, showing the reading as たいたいりつ which obviously got marked as wrong. This has happened a couple of times where a portion of the word I’d written correctly got copied after I backspaced some typo but I didn’t double check it today and got pinged. Incredibly frustrating.

Has anyone else had this happen?

Just to clarify, is this an app or just the website in to your mobile browser?

In a browser (specifically Firefox). It’s only happened with the reading, made me thing it was something regarding the hiragana converter spazzing out. I was using Firefox on my older phone and older OS with no problems but this has happened several times in the same browser on the new OS which is what made me think that might be the main factor.

Edit: it’s a Samsung s9 just in case the manufacturer is responsible for the input keyboard interface and not the OS.

You can try Gboard.

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I can do a number of things to avoid it but a bug is a bug. Maybe it’s just very specific to my setup; I can’t reliably reproduce it myself but it has happened a couple of times. I’ll try to screenshot it if/when I happens again and figure out exactly how it happened.

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