Possible improvement to the "左/left" meaning mnemonic

This is what it says now:

“Narwhals do construction with their left hands (or flippers, I guess). That’s because all narwhals are left-handed!”

Here’s how I’d improve it, using a mix of factually accurate and completely silly info.

“Did you know Narwhal tusks are actually just GIANT canine tooth? It’s almost always the left canine that forms the tusk (this is true, look it up). So imagine a narwhal tusk (the left one) acting like a drill in an underwater construction site!”

This can also tie into “right”, by stating that since the tusk is on the left, it’s easier to eat with the right side of their mouth.

I haven’t quite figured out how to tie that into the reading yet, though. Something about sawing the tusks off, maybe?

NOTE: one of the top results in Google image search for “Narwhal Skull” appears to contradict the claim that it’s usually on the left, but comparing that picture with other narwhal skulls has led me to believe that the picture is from the bottom of the skull. Also, many results are of narwhal skulls with two tusks. This is due to the fact that two-tusk narwhal skulls are rarer and more likely to be photographed when found.


Imagine if they had to change every mnemonic one by one, it would take forever and it’s not really worth it.

If you don’t like the current ones you can always add your own notes. Same thing with the meanings, you can add synonyms.

I might be one of the few people here that never care about mnemonics. I just spam the character until it gets stuck in my head lol.


smae basically

It depends on the kanji, if it’s easy to remember then I don’t bother about mnemonics whatsoever but when I have difficulties I have a mnemonic ready.

I just needed an excuse to share this image. Sorry if it’s not relevant, but well at least it will help you with mnemonics.


So that’s a 右 narwhal then?

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