Please write a new script (pop up mmemonic)

Is there any script that show a pop up when I hover on the character in dashboard like this???
write one please, I must click on the character to see the reading and meaning mmemonic, if it can show mmemonic when hover on the character it will save a ton of time and effort for learners
Thanks in advance !


I’m afraid that is not possible since mnemonics are not part of the API (unless that was changed recently).

Mnemonics are part of v2 api!

(accessible via WKOF too, of course)


Awesome!!! Then it is only a matter of time until someone writes that script. Exciting!

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It might help to add this request in the API contest thread.

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Just wanted to let you know that I wrote something similar because ever since this thread I was waiting for someone to do it but no one did :wink:

It is only working in lessons and reviews at the moment and does not show reading related info but I think you could try adjusting it to your needs:

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