Please, make the kana vocab optional!

I come to Wanikani to study Kanjis explicitly. The recent Kana vocab addition makes me lose so much time!

I’m at level 11, and I suddenly have dozens of words like ここ and この to cram…

I beg you, dear Team, to listen to users like us and make this an entirely optional track. What makes Wanikani so special it’s its efficiency in teaching kanjis. We don’t come here for grammar, kanas, and other parts of the Japanese language. There are plenty of other good resources out there for this.

Cheers :pray:


Yeah need to use the Tsurukame app through test flight and then click on the setting that blocks out the kana only vocabulary. That’s what I did and haven’t had to deal with any kana only vocabulary at all. :tada:


They added 60 vocab words total over 7 weeks but 0 in the hast couple of weeks. It is not making you lose that much time. It is adding about 15 minuits total time spread out over 6 months.


In order to avoid the kana vocab only in future levels, try this modification of Seanblue’s script.


You can also use Reorder omega to filter all kana vocab from lessons and reviews if you’d like


forgot to factor in the time lost by decreased motivation for having to do something that you don’t want to, didn’t sign up for and weren’t asked about. paid for it, though.

however, overall i agree. personally, time is not the main factor that bothers me and is basically negligible. it’s the having to do a thing i don’t wanna do (in this way).


The update last month confirmed that they are “actively working on” the kana vocab opt-in feature.


There have been many people asking for kana vocabulary for years. There are many things we have to do that we don’t want to. That is called life. Many times it is things we pay for as well. Sometimes we just have to say FIDO and do it. They have already said they were going to make it optional. There have also been multiple threads on this same topic.


I understand the frustrations people are having with it but I figure if I’m here for kanji, I see no harm at all in learning a few more things like vocabulary words, even if I already knew some of them. I’m learning I knew a few of them less well than I thought.


So make it optional. Why not make it optional? It really should be a quite simple change to make it optional with a setting in Settings. The fact that they can’t seem to make such a straightforward change is very disturbing, from a software development point of view.


They have said they are making it optional. Read the link posted above.


I might actually be done with WK by the time they actually put the opt-out feature in place. I have the first couple batches still in my review queue but everything after I have been avoiding with filters and scripts. Its a frustrating experience. This isn’t what I paid for, and while in the T&S it does state the service can and will change, my recommendation for Japanese learners to use this site does too.


For now, I’ve been adding the synonym “o” to all kana vocab. When a kana word pops up, I just slap “o, enter” and move on. It’ll do until I can opt out.


It’s been weeks if not months. They should have made it optional from the beginning, and it should not take weeks to fix it. Read the rest of my comment:


Thank you for saying this. I feel like I’ve been yelling this into an abyss and nobody can hear it.

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Ahh someone else who doesn’t understand users who pace their lessons out. For us who do a limited number of lessons a day it is frustrating. “Just do that plus the kana” is not a solution, especially when we’re not here to learn kana to begin with.


I understand pacing lessons out. I do a max of 15 lessons a day and only when apprentice items are below 100. With only 10 being released a week over 7 weeks (first 2 weeks only 5 were released) it did not greatly increase the load. They have not released any in the last few weeks. If it is still affecting your lessons then something else is the issue.

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Then you can understand why hitting 100 apprentice items when some of those are just kana can be a frustrating experience right?


I can understand the points some of you have made, but I still believe that making them optional will make everyone happy.

I’m taking my time with Wanikani, and I come here because I enjoy the process of learning kanji. Having simple kana words turns this experience into just another generic flashcard app, imho. While there may not be many new words, seeing them repeated over weeks diminishes the overall experience


For real, optional is the best solution, and honestly I agree with the people who are frustrated that it isn’t optional from the start.