Keep the kana-only vocab

I know many people are looking at my level and are thinking, “Of course you like it,” but hear me out. kana-only words are hard to come by as there aren’t really any kana-only decks. After seeing kana-only vocabulary added, I was so excited because most of my vocabulary would now be in Wanikani. But after reading the backlash, I’m scared Wanikani is not going to add more. People happy with the addition won’t feel compelled to write about it, leaving only negative comments left. I want to write this post to encourage Wanikani to keep adding kana words. However, maybe the best solution would be a compromise. An option to opt-out for those only interested in kanji, and an addition of more kana-only vocabulary for those who use the tool for vocabulary too.


There are more people that would agree with you than you would expect. There are many people that use WK but not on the forums. Those that like something tend not to complain about it.


Womp womp womp.


An appropriate sound effect for your entrance to a thread.


Are we still talking about this?
There are scripts that allow one to skip the kana-only vocabulary lessons so I’m not so annoyed by them now. I just see them as a sign of how things have gone down hill since anon20839864 left WK back in 2019. Anyway, I will not write anymore in threads about kana-only vocab…


anon20839864’s departure was not the cause, it was the symptom. But we’re not allowed to talk about that topic.


Exactly lol. I thought just making sounds would be better than typing out a response lol.

Honestly. I think I’m gonna take a page from the @mods / Tofugu worth ethic and just be completely unresponsive to these threads.


I won’t be holding my breath.


Is there anybody here that actually wants WaniKani to remove kana-only words entirely and wouldn’t be happy with an opt-out? I feel like you’re responding to people who don’t exist.


I think some users did express very strong negative feelings towards kana-only vocab on WaniKani, but others on both sides of the court would be happy with an opt-out feature. I think this was the consensus we reached many moons ago.




i think most negative comments are directed towards the status quo and current implementation. there are people questioning the effectiveness of teaching kana-only vocab via WK but i don’t think i’ve come across anyone strongly arguing against an opt-out / opt-in mode.

the most depressing thing is that these threads all feel like shouting into a void without getting any feedback from the team.

best thread so far is the one where OP asked to be non-aggressive — and people mostly were indeed non-aggressive :open_mouth: that usually doesn’t work :laughing:


Yeah, pretty much we all agree the opt out feature would work.


Unacceptable. Everything on the site should be opt-in so you have to spend 5 hours configuring the site before you can use it. Then, it would be better if you selected and reviewed each review before your reviews to make sure you actually want to review them.

Keep the kana vocab only. The Japanese people are being silly with these Chinese characters that don’t match their language well at all. It’s time to make a stand.


You are very much not alone. Many share the same opinion on kana vocabulary. I certainly would like to see a ton more.

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I would also leave the kana only vocab in. I have learned a couple words I did not know before, such as ほとんど。They are honestly such a small part of wanikani, how does quickly typing a single word answer really slow you down? Especially if you are right every single time.

I know wanikani is primarily for learning kanji, but as a byproduct, it also is excellent for learning vocabulary. Why not add a little extra vocabulary, at no extra cost, with kana-only vocab? The backlash surprised me, honestly.


ほとんど actually is classified as a grammar point, so you would see in in tobira or bunpro in N4 .


You don’t need to learn Kanji ™.


Only incidentally. The choice of vocabulary leaves much to be desired. WaniKani is known for teaching rare words Japanese people don’t use even though it doesn’t have to.

The backlash was fortunately proactive. If there was no backslash or only slight grumbling people would get quickly swamped in kana vocabulary which they might really not need.

This one’s totally on WaniKani. If they communicated their plans before rolling out the feature, they would’ve had ample time to start working on an opt-out feature and people wouldn’t get as annoyed, knowing that such a feature would likely come. What we have now is scrumbling.