Please help me read Japanese, on how to use User Dictionary (Google IME/Mac)

I guess I am too bad at reading Japanese. Please help me.

From settings onwards, it’s all in Japanese:

Now, I type in new entries for user dictionary.

But I can’t get it to appear on the IME.

I couldn’t read the manual either.

What’s くわしく? Oh, details - without Kanji, I couldn’t read it. (There is 詳しい on WaniKani, though, but somehow Safarikai failed to work today.)


Why not just use the mac’s Japanese input?

I can’t manage to add a custom kaomoji with Mac’s default IME.

As far as I can go is, here; but I still have to download custom dictionary from the Internet.

I have found another way though. But, I seriously want to use IME to input this kind of stuff.

I would have succeeded long ago, if I use Microsoft’s IME.

Also, doesn’t Google IME’s features look interesting? (Look in the くわしく section.)

Well I just downloaded it, and I clicked on the Config Dialog and got a screen like yours but in English.

I can’t see how you download dictionaries.

I googled to download the dictionary file.

But in Google IME, that isn’t needed. In ‘Dictionary’ tab, you can edit your own dictionary, or import/export a custom dictionary file.

Also, Google IME seems to have auto-generated dictionaries from the search engine database, so, so many 顔文字’s. This is one of the features Google advertised.

I might (or might not) look for the way to change the interface language later. I can live with the existing problem for the time being, while I aim for the better understanding of Japanese.

In case anyone else runs into this, user dictionary words do not show up in the ‘tab’ menu. There’s actually another way to select kanji with the Google IME, which is to hit the space bar. The space bar menu will include items from the user dictionary.