IME trigger to Kaomoji Database [Spreadsheet/Memrise] [Please help me collect the data!]

Continuing the discussion from 『おわた』 → \(^o^)/ How to type kaomoji in your IME:

I might create Anki version sometime later…

Please help me collect the database. Also, I want to know if there is a better list.
There is this one: from Tofugu, but doesn’t tell how to type in IME…

In addition, I really recommend Google IME.


This site has ton of emoji but they don’e provide equivalent IME writings
oh, tofugu link also has a lot of 'em. Nice.

The most important thing is IME trigger, IME equivalent… I am using Google IME, and it supposedly has a lot of 顔文字 and 絵文字.

Also, not everything in @Hisao’s list works in Google IME. So far, what I have tested and works are… (and updated in the spreadsheet)


Vocal lengthener, reduplications, small Kana ぁっ do have to be intact. I find it めんどくせぇ to type っ just to get a Kaomoji, though. Too bad めんどくせ doesn’t work for Kaomoji…

Full words like おわった and てれる don’t work.

And added something new to the list…


If anyone happens to find some new IME triggers, please let me know \(^o^)/

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