Pitch accent for names

When I’m reading, I’d like to know the correct way to pronounce the characters’ names. I know that weblio includes pitch accent for words, but not for names (unless those names are also words). I have a few questions that maybe people can answer or point me to a reference.

  1. Excluding regional differences, if a name is “spelled” a certain way with hiragana/katakana, will it always have the same pitch regardless of the kanji used?
  2. Similar to the previous question, if the name is also a word, will the name always have the same pitch as the word?
  3. Does anyone know of any resources to look up pitch accent for names?

As always, thanks for the help. :blush:



This website has last names.
Famout people’s names
Place names in Japan
Place names in other countries

With regard to given names, the famous people’s names page probably can help with that some. I’ve heard teachers get corrected by students on the pitch accent of their given name, so I don’t think it’s always obvious or as standardized as last names.


Thanks, that’s an awesome resource!

Oh that’s really interesting. I’m curious, does that happen often or just every once in a while?

Just once in a while.

And yeah, that site is pretty good. Other pages like pitch accent for counters and conjugations are also really helpful, but obviously unrelated to names.

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