Pitch accent for 嫌疑

I am seeing it and it is listed as 頭高型、but why does it sound like Kyoko pronounces it as 平板? Koichi sounds fine to me though.

I see atamadaka and odaka listed.

Where do you see that?


I see, thank you. Every dictionary I used and the WaniKani plugin showed 頭高 only

There are a few words that they say differently than what my dictionary says. I just assumed regional differences and/or not knowing the standard pitch accent

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Also if the edition of a pitch accent dictionary is like 20 years old or older, it may just be out of date. Things really can change at that pace.


There seem to be variations, I checked forvo and the Japanese pronunciation there (you’ll have to scroll down to the Japanese one after the Chinese ones) pronounces it 頭高 it sounds like 嫌疑 pronunciation: How to pronounce 嫌疑 in Mandarin Chinese, Wu Chinese, Japanese, Min Nan

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