Pimsleur Japanese 4

Hey gang. Quick query regarding Pimsleur Japanese 4/phase 4 whatever it’s called. Has anyone tried it? I’ve done the first 3 (90 lessons in total) two or three times and found them to be extremely useful.

The forth one seems to be quite elusive though. I’ve only found it on iTunes, where as the others can be found EVERYWHERE both legally and through torrents.

Before I go drop 70 quid on it, has anyone used it? Does it follow on from the other three? The fact that it’s so difficult to find compared to the other three made me think maybe a different company made it?

Cheers all.

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I’m in the same situation as you, I’m just finishing up the first 3 phases. I’ve been buying pimsleur through audible, I’m not sure if you have audible in your region, but its an audiobook division of amazon, that offers significant discounts if you have a monthly subscription. They have a credit system, and I’ve been trying to save up enough credits to buy level 4.

Anyway I think level 4 just seems more elusive because it came out much more recently and it’s the only level to have reading and writing materials included. The only thing different about it on audible is that you can’t just buy 5 lessons at a time, you have to buy the whole 30 lesson bundle, and I’m guessing it’s because of the supplementary pdf.

It’ll still cost me btw $60-70 though even with the discounts, but that’s way better than the $113 it would have cost me without the subscription.

Hope this helps

Tell me more about this audible pimsleur stuff, please.

You can get a monthly audible subscription for a little over $15 a month, and each month you get one credit to buy any book you want. It’s a steal if you buy the pimsleur books (one book = 5 lessons) for one credit because they’re normally around $30.

Also every month you usually have the option of buying an additional 3 credits at an even more discounted price, so if you do your lessons at a reasonable pace you don’t have to wait around a whole month for your next credit.

I really like the pimsleur audio lessons so I feel like it’s totally worth it.

You’re memorizing sentences

Thank you, that’s useful knowledge.

@Aarix: I’m aware of what Pimsleur is, thanks :slight_smile:

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I just started Pimsleur volume 1, and I’m glad to see people find 1-3 useful. I am also interested to see if vol. 4 is good as well. :slight_smile:

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I’m curious. What exactly is Pimsleur? What are the pros/cons? It seems expensive.

The pimsleur method is a way of learning to speak another language soley using daily 30min audio lessons that gradually build on each other. It uses graduated interval recall to drill core vocab into your brain, and you naturally pick up grammar as you progress.

The only real con is that you kind of have to start as a beginner or not at all, since all the lessons build on each other. You’d probably be terribly bored if you’ve been studying japanese for awhile.

Its great for beginners becuase it gets you started and keeps you motivated without having to read any japanese. It also makes you improvise by taking things you previously learned and applying them to new sentences. I know I felt like a boss when I realized I could conjugate verbs suddenly.

Another thing I like is that its geared towards adults so you’re not just learning to talk about what you’re studying in school.

I don’t think its expensive for what you get, I’ve learned more with pimsleur than I’ve learned in high school or college language courses.


I totally agree, abertssquirrel. It’s a fun, compelling and non-passive way to use your mouth muscles and brain for language building. I found that I knew a lot of grammar (inadvertently!) when I was finished with Pimsleur. Can’t recommend it highly enough.

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Maybe I’ll try the free lesson one of these days ~

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