Phonetic component resources?

I discovered phonetic components a few months ago, and I’m always happy when I find a decent predictor. For example, after seeing 零 and remembering 令 from a few levels back I looked into 令 as a phonetic component predictor. Turns out that (based on my search on 令 is a pretty good indicator that a reading will be レイ.

I found one article about phonetic components, but does anyone have additional resources? Really I’d just like a place I could go to verify the usefulness of a phonetic component without having to look it up manually on every time.


I remembered this being brought up before, so I searched the existing topic, and the same article you mentioned was the one that was brought up there, so I guess I can’t help more. But that’s a very common experience for me. It makes learning new kanji that much easier.

This paper is how I first found out about phonetic components. It may be helpful to you, at the end of the paper she presents an appendix containing mostly and completely regular phonetic components. The paper itself is an interesting read on how phonetic components might be integrated into Japanese pedagogy.

I never bothered to actually try to study phonetic components themselves, but I definitely noticed it became much easier for me to learn and remember readings after I started paying attention to how kanji with similar radicals often had similar readings, I can even guess the readings of unknown kanji with a fairly high accuracy now, which makes reading much easier.


Thanks, I’ll check out that paper. I also don’t plan on studying to learn specific phonetic components. It seems more useful to me to just pay attention and pick up on them as I go.

It isn’t as well-presented in terms of UI compared to the other resources here, but here is a link on imabi that discusses the 214 bushu (radicals) used in kanji. It discusses the way that some kanji and radicals can be used to predict the sound of another kanji.

I’m not sure if I’d ever learn those entire lists, but it’s worthwhile to double-check something that keeps coming up. Just knowing that the phenomenon occurs is helpful in and of itself!

There’s also a phonetic semantic API that I use.

Care to share? :slight_smile:

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@Shiawase The link to the script doesn’t work anymore. Oh well…

Damn, that’s a shame. The userscript still works for me, but when I tried to go to the URL, it went blank.

Hmm, I have an idea…

Mirror can be found here

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Thanks @Kumirei hope that works for them and if it does, we should maybe change the Wiki link?

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