[Android] Flaming Durtles - Android app with offline support

Yes exactly!
Thank you for improving the app so actively!! If any problem comes up I’ll be sure to post it here!

One option is copying one of the existing dark modes for WK. I particularly like Valeth’s Breeze Dark

I use that on PC. I can use it on mobile also?

Edit : I just realized you were talking to ejplugge. I am a stoop.

Edit 2 : I do agree with Kumi, though. The Breeze Dark is :ok_hand:

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Hm, I looked at that… I’m a dark theme fan in general, but I don’t much care for how that one looks, for example the distinction between kanji and vocab is too small for my tastes. But then again, me and colours have a complicated relationship on the best of days, so I’ll play around with that palette some time.

It’s going at the end of the list, though. For the past couple of days I’ve been doing a massive refactoring of the code base to make things faster, more flexible and generally more like a proper Android app. (This is my first Android app, and a lot of solutions I originally came up with were… bad because I just didn’t know any better.) I haven’t been working on new features until now, so the list to work through is rather long at the moment :slight_smile:


I understand that. Note, though, that for people of the full spectrum kanji and vocab are completely different (orange, and green, respectively).

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Hi ejplugge,
are you a user of phono-semantic composition? Do you implement a features similar to:

not exactly, a phono-semantic tool, but visually similar kanji often share the same radicals (and phono-semantic as a consequence) :

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It’s been requested and it’s on the list. But features like this are trickier than they seem because they introduce external sources of data, and that brings new challenges of how to make it work with offline mode, and questions like: is the data (legally) free enough for me to include it? The same thing applies to pitch information.

I’ll get around to these eventually, but for now there is still quite a lot of work to be done in the core lessons/reviews functionality.

Visually similar kanji is in there in a limited way already, by the way, because WK includes some data in that area in the API, and I show that in the subject info dump.

Interesting, I was not aware of this API and its integration.
It seems WK did not populate some many entries. After probing a few kanji items, I observed “clothes~news”, and “brain~worry”.
But that’s a good start! :hugs:

A little minor thing, I just leveled up to 14 a few minutes ago, and the counter for “time on level” jumped to 200+ days. I tried re-syncing but it’s still there. I doubled checked my api on wkstats and it has me at 18 minutes on level, so possibly not api related.

I noticed a had two unlocked-then-locked vocab reviews from the last time WK reordered levels. I did those and the lvl 14 radicals but no dice. I had once reset to 2 from 11, but never reached 14.

Sorry if this issue has already been noted, I couldn’t recall.

Thanks for the great app! I really do like it a lot.

Edit: just checked the unlock date of those two vocab, and yep 297 days ago for 合図.

I love that the app does this. Please don’t change it @ejplugge. If majority want it to stop, please make this an option through settings. Thank you very much.

Don’t worry I’m not demanding to completely remove it, and I doubt there’s a majority against it. I just think that cheating shouldn’t be made default behaviour, and giving you a second chance on a wrong answer is much worse than the other convenience features.

Another artifact of content updates… Right now I determine the time on level by looking at the first unlockedAt date for that level. Looks like I will not be able to get around using the level progression endpoint… I’ll fix it for the next update.

Don’t worry, it’s not going anywhere. It’s just going to be optional.

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Mind that this was introduced recently (in 2017, I believe) and not all users will have all levels, or in some cases even their current level, recorded there.

Yeah, I noticed that in the API docs. How I am building it is, I check the existence of level progression records for the current level, and I use the latest one of those, or if there are none, as a fallback I use the earliest unlocked_at date in assignments for the user’s level. In theory, that should cover everybody.


Hello! Just wanted to say thank you so much for making this app. It is great. I do however have one suggestion. Can you put the total number of items for each type (radicals, kanji, vocabulary) for each level in the browse section? Similar to how it is on desktop:

Is there a way to see part of speech during reviews? If so, I haven’t discovered it. If not, could it be shown somewhere? Or even a link to the item page would suffice. But I do like to check part of speech whenever I get a review wrong. So far it’s the only thing I’m missing from the other WK app I used before.

Will do.

There is. If you’re looking at the subject info dump (after answering a question or just anywhere), the parts of speech are shown after the meaning and reading mnemonics/hints. You may have to click on the “Show all” button to reveal it, depending on your settings and where you are in the app.


Sorry to keep pestering you ejplugge…

I dunno if you’ve noticed, but on the website vocab items have a smaller font size than kanji. I think this is to help differentiate the single kanji vocab entries. Might be worth considering a font size cap to vocab.

I noticed doing self-study that the SRS up indicator with the green arrow pops up after submitting answers - is that just cosmetic?

If you go on the radicals page on the wkstats site and hit ctrl-A then all the radicals using images stand out because they can’t be selected. Not sure if there’s a simpler way. (The v2 site has a better implementation but I can’t access it from work.)

Ah, got it, thanks a bunch!

@ejplugge been using the app for a while now and it’s real solid. Great work.

One question. There is a Show ignore button setting which I have enabled but I can’t find any ignore button anywhere. Where is it?