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Currently, I’m at level 3, and you know what that means!! The end of my free trial :joy:
I’m actually extremely satisfied with WaniKani and am willing to pay for the lifetime subscription
Now for the problem… I’m a freshman in high school without a job, and pay for everything online using Visa gift cards i buy from nearby stores. These gift cards come at up to $100 CAD, so should I just pay for the monthly subscription for the time being or just continue to use levels 1-3? (btw the yearly one is also too expensive; currency conversions)


What’s it per month? $10?
Past bunch of Christmas’s that have a sale on lifetime. $200 instead of $300.
So, monthly at $10 till Xmas = $70. Then $200 for lifetime. = $270 lifetime… Hell, you’d be saving by doing monthly…

Disclaimer: No guarantee they’ll do the sale again of course.

If you want, you can email WaniKani, and usually, they will be able to work something out for you with Paypal, split card payments, etc.(maybe even mailing them a check? idk) Their e-mail is on the forums’ “About” page.
Or, since you’re in high school, maybe your parent(s) can pay now with a credit/debit card (if they have one), and you could repay them in cash/VGCs?

I’d be able to do split payments, how can I do that?

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Shoot WK an email at


Definitely do not mail us a check. :wink:


Too late :wink:


Well you just send do not mail “us” a check. Hint understood. :wink::wink:


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