Passing JLPT N1 within 2 years

This isn’t really true if you’re actively studying the language while you’re living there. The N1 is difficult if you’re not native, sure, but it’s an exam that your average Japanese middle schooler going into high school could pass with relative ease.


I agree with you on that. I also believe that getting N2 or even N3 is great as well, but I really really want to get to N1 level as soon as possible, so I’ll try my everything to get there.

I love Utrecht. Was there several years ago. What a charming city.


Yeah, I love it as well. Although I just moved here for my studies! Not many foreigners go to visit Utrecht, so that’s interesting :slight_smile:


Just remember that motivation won’t get you there alone. Discipline will. One of the reasons I’ve been able to do something small everyday is WK (and bunpro). There’s so many level 3 people that post on the forums “I’m so so so motivated” and then quit after two months. I know I have done that (well not posted on the forums but in my mind).

I’d recommend setting some smaller goals on the way, since having a goal like “I want to pass N1” this early isn’t really that tangible to you yet, rather quite abstract. After all, you have no real grasp of the magnitude of the requirements. Something like “I wan’t to be able to read NHK news easy and understand it” etc.

Also JLPT defines N2 and above skills to require some real-life skills which can not be obtained in a classroom setting alone. I find that quite reasonable, since nothing will beat the practice you get in IRL situations. I’d recommend finding some natives to speak with.


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