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Hi I’m still working on learning grammar and am a little confused to why の is used here instead of a different particle since I understand の to indicate possession. I know this roughly translates to “next is the news”, so if anyone knows why it’s not は or maybe に I would greatly appreciate the information!

Possession is not the only use of の. It has a good handful of different uses, but I would say this is more like apposition than possession.

Apposition is something like 友だちのカズキです “This is my friend Kazuki” “This is Kazuki, who is my friend”. It doesn’t mean “This is my friend’s Kazuki”. So AのB can be “the B which is A”. Deciding whether AのB means “A’s B” or “the B which is A” would just come down to context.

Here 続いて is not functioning like a normal verb in て form, but as an expression meaning “following” or “up next”.

So I would think of 続いてのニュース in that “B which is A” format, and so it’s “the news which is next” or “the news which follows”.


Thank you for your explanation!

Personally, I feel like even the possession part of の just falls under the category of using の to describe things. Noun1 の Noun2 is Noun 1 further describing Noun 2.


Yeah that makes sense I usually try to think of it that way, but ended up a little confused since when I look at resources they describe it as the possession particle, but I agree it’s more like a descriptor particle :sweat_smile:

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Noun1 works as a limiter too sometimes for noun 2.
It makes the possession explanation also easier.
But don’t trust me, I’m an absolute beginner and this is just a Genki explanation.

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