"Part Time Student"

How the heck does one say they are a part time student in Japanese? All I’ve found is "パートタイム学生 " and surely there is a more elegant way to express this. Thank you in advance!


Some googling suggests 正規の学生 for full-time student and 正規でない学生 for part-time student, but many sites intended for Japanese exchange students in other countries just use the English terms, in English, like “part-time student” just like that with no translation.


‘Elegant’ is surprisingly rare as a reason to use a word : ( Loanwords are often much more commonly used. At a conversation class in Japan I described my father as a 工学者, the tutor looked at me quizzically then corrected me “エンジニア”.

In your case, perhaps 定時制? But パートタイム is probably better.


Dang, I guess it really is パートタイム!I suppose I should expect such things :stuck_out_tongue: thank you!

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夜学生 may be too specific but that is a part-time student.


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