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Hello dear WaniKani community!
I am now using WaniKani since 5 days (Im still on level 1, yeah I know that I’m a veeery slow learner :sleepy: ) and I already am questioning what I should do after I finished level 3. I really want to use WaniKani to learn Kanji, but I have not enough money for a subscription. I already thought of using a general SRS system to learn Kanji on my own, but it seems very hard and I get demotivated very quickly…
So my question to this community is now, what you would do in my situation.
I wish you all a wonderful day! :slightly_smiling_face:

What other resources are you using? You can use the non-SRS part of Bunpro for free for grammar. You can use Anki for flash cards of words/kanji. That would be the “absolutely free” version I would suggest.

The upgrades for when you have money would be first the Dictionary of Japanese Grammar Books, then WaniKani, then Kitsun.


Thank you for your answer :slight_smile:. I primarily learn kanji at the moment and still have to learn katakana. After learning Katakana I want to start learning japanese grammar. I cannot learn alot of things at the same time, therefore I need alot of time for learning simple things :). I go and check out the suggestions you made.
I am really glad that you helped me.
I still want to let the thread open for other ideas, if you don’t mind?
Have a wonderful day!

If you can get a copy of Remembering the Kanji, I’m given to understand that it is also a good method of learning kanji. It doesn’t teach any pronunciation or vocab like WK does, but it does teach the concept that each kanji represents and uses the same kind of mnemonic imagery method that WK uses to help remember it.

Maybe try kanjigarden. It’s a free Kanji SRS.

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Kanji is important but grammar is more.

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Each year, around Christmastime, WaniKani holds a sale where the lifetime subscription is 33% off ($100 USD less than normal). If that’s more affordable for you, I would work on levels 1-3 until that rolls around.
(However, just because they’ve done this sale every year so far doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll do it again, but I have no reason to believe it won’t happen.)


Also: If you don’t select a plan after leveling up to level 4; two weeks later they’ll send you a 20% discount.


Yeah, I guess so as well. In the next few days I’ll start learning it :slight_smile:

Thank you all guys for helping me. I guess, as zEUs_japanese and YoungAdam suggested, I will wait on some kind of Discount and definetely will start working on grammar as soon as I can :smiley:

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Huh, I don’t think I ever got this and I just upgraded. My account’s a lot older though, I think I had gotten to level 3 and stopped for a few years before resetting and then getting to level 4 and pausing for a few weeks to figure out the rest of my Japanese resources before I invested money.

Maybe they have been doing it only for a little while now. Or they don’t offer every user the possibility :man_shrugging:

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They said in a post somewhere that the discounts they have available vary from time to time; I think the only consistent one is the December one.

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