KaniWani WaniKani: which should i do first in a session?

Hi guys!! Quick question!
recently you guys recommended adding KaniWani to my sessions each day, and it was a good call (thank you friends!) but I was wondering if i should do my WaniKani lessons and reviews first, or the same on KaniWani. Since i will face my mistakes on one, and likely get them right on whichever i do second (obviously these only applies to vocab)

its a complicated dilemma, but hopefully one u guys have encountered and beat!!!

have a great week!!! love you all <3

I don’t know if it’s just me but I do not understand what you’re asking. Could you rephrase this:

but I was wondering if i should do my WaniKani lessons and reviews first, or the same on KaniWani

What does that mean? It doesn’t matter if you do your reviews or lessons first since each lesson that you do will never be a part of the “current” review pile.

I think they’re worried about WK interferring with KW or vice versa depending on which one (WK or KW) they do first.

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Ohhh Lol I read both as WK. Didn’t know about this KW…I read is a third party app but many people have bad things to say about it. Apparently is very frustrating.

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Honestly I don’t think it matters too much. There will be words that you’re better at remembering E to J, and some that you’re better at remembering J to E, so your reviews are going to get offset regardless. KW will help you some with WK, and WK will help you some with KW no matter what you do.

My recommendation would be to prioritize WK and do it first because your KW progress is tied to WK, so it makes sense to let WK set the benchmarks for your speed, but if you see a word in KW and then it comes up in WK a few hours later, it’s not going to ruin your ability to learn the word or anything.

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I think the only major complaint with KaniWani is that it has no way to distinguish synonyms so you might have some items forever stuck in apprentice by random chance. When it asks you for the translation for “Girl” there’s no way to know if they want 女の子, 少女 or 女子. At least, that’s how it was when I last tried it, it might have been improved since then.

People who aren’t frustrated by it tend not to make topics where they say how not frustrated they are. I think plenty of people use it without much event.

There are multiple ways to implement synonym solutions, but you have to do it on an item for item basis, which is admittedly more difficult than KameSame, or so I’ve heard.

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Personally I’d set it so only burnt items appear on kaniwani so after you burn an item here, you can further practice is on kaniwani. Of course that means you won’t find any use for kaniwani for awhile, but I think that’s okay since you’re just starting out.


I’ve been doing both WK and KW for a couple years now. Initially, I alternated which one I started first. Over time, mostly out of habit, I usually started with KW. As much as anything, I found KW to be harder, so I wanted to tackle those reviews first, while I was still fresh. Then WK; then new lessons.

I’m glad I did it, but if I was to do it over, I’d follow @Akanbe’s advice, and use KW on burned items.

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Once you figure out how to add synonyms it goes pretty smoothly. I found that the process of remembering “oh,yeah, that means the same thing” is helpful in the learning process. I’m sure you would agree that anyone who is put off by a bit of “frustration” probably won’t get very far in their language studies.

I stagger what levels I’m on! I keep my current WK level locked on KW until I move on to the next level. I dunno how much merit there is to it, but it’s how I like it. I treat KW strictly as another form of reviewing what I’ve learned on WK.


WK - Level 9
KW - Level 8

When I move up to WK level 10, then I’ll manually unlock KW level 9.


oo i like this idea a lot, i think i will do this and then when i start getting more burned items transfer to that method

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