Other Payment methods?

Anyway, most people pay digitally on credit cards :credit_card::money_with_wings::credit_card: … And this is the case here. I don 't think there are any problems… but…,

Could I suggest any other methods, like paying with the SIM card (like the one on Google Play). Because maybe some people can pay with their SIM only…:speech_balloon:

Well, that could be one of the least of my posts here… But I hope developers can take notice…

I don’t know what it means to pay with a SIM card.

But they accept PayPal, you just have to email them.

In my SIM subscription, I had to load my SIM and fix the payment…

Well, can they support the SIM card method too?

Just write them an email and maybe you can figure something out. They are very friendly and helpful.

Why don’t you ask them.

Let me try some time…

Anyway, could the Wanikani developers try it?

This is when mobile carriers have a deal with a store like Google Play and any payable products bought through the store are charged via the carrier in your monthly bill. So apps bought through the store would be paid to the carrier who would have an agreement with Google, for instance.

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I don’t see how WK would accept the payment in that case.

Nor do I. I was only responding to your question :sweat_smile:.

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Well, if PayPal can make it, then… good. Finished… :ok_hand:

But, if not… well… :no_mouth::no_mouth:

Uhmm, to whom shall I ask?? To Wanikani or PayPal??



Wanikani of course. Shoot them any email at hello@wanikani.com.

Oh, didn‘t see your post :hugs:

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