Other apps to use while using wanikani?

So I’ve been using genki for vocab along with wanikani for awhile and have been wondering if I should try another app on top of it?

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If you have an Android device, I like Obenkyo for the kanji writing quizzes. There may be something similar for other platforms.

A lot of people use Anki for either vocab or grammar practice, but I find that’s too much flashcard SRS for me to do along with Wanikani and not get burnt out.

The Tsurukame - For WaniKani app for IOS/Apple. It’s WaniKani, but designed for easier use on your iPhone (and it is). I prefer my laptop, but using Tsurukame while waiting in line somewhere allows me to chip away at my reviews during the day instead of coming home and having 150 reviews waiting for me.


Not really an app as much as a website (I think they might have an app for Android only, don’t remember), but Bunpro is basically a WK-type SRS system for grammar.

Seconding Bunpro! Super helpful for me to reinforce the Genki grammar. They even have a way for you to follow the Genki order of learning the grammar, so you don’t have to dig so much to add new concepts you learned.

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Bunpro for grammar:

Kanji Study app:

with wanikani levels imported for some writing practice: How to add Wanikani data to Japanese Kanji Study (Android App) - #13 by normful

As the others mentioned: Bunpro for grammar, I use Anki to supplement my vocab, oh and I also use one of the Wanikani add-ons, namely the Self-Study quiz. It has really helped me hammer home readings after I study the words.

I always recommend Lingodeer. It’s like a introductory textbook in an app form with practice exercises.

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I think KameSame - a fast, feature-rich Japanese memorization webapp hasn’t been mentioned

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I’d second that. Last time anybody did any serious looking at the content was a couple of years ago, I think, but they judged it to cover something like 95% of Genki I and they added the Japanese 2 course after that, if I remember correctly.

Unrelated to LingoDeer:

A bit of a unusual recommendation for iPad owners, while I’m here:there’s an app called Japanese! that I very much like on the iPad, it’s got some actual Japanese lessons, but I ignore these and rather use it because it’s got a really excellent system for drilling you on hand drawing the kana. Whereas systems like ReadTheKanji are quite good at drilling you on recognising them, this is one of the few apps I’ve found that has a mode that allows you to solely write them. Kana Drill is a similar app, but I don’t find the writing part of it as good.

Oh and although Kitsun.io doesn’t have an mobile app yet, their mobile webpage is very good.

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its not an app, but a website. I also use Japanese Pod 101. Unfortunately it does not have any apparent structure in how it presents its lessons as far as grammar is concerned, but it does have a great listening and repeat function that helps with getting Japanese pronunciation correct. There are also grammar and vocabulary portions to each lesson.


I must bookmark this! I always recommend Obenkyo for Android for the same reason, but I never know what to recommend instead for people who use Apple products. Thanks!

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https://www.satorireader.com/ is absolutely great once you are far enough along to profit from it. It includes short stories split into easily digestable parts which are written by natives and then ‘proof-read’ by English speakers who add comments in places where someone learning the language might have problems. You also have translations for all the words (including grammar remarks how forms are built), for the sentence, and audio reading it to you if you want.
It’s furthermore possible to only display those parts in Kanji where you’ve already learned the corresponding Kanji in wanikani.

However, since the texts seem quite authentic, they are also not that easy to read. In comparison to texts specifically aimed at beginners, I tend to have to look up a lot more stuff.

Some of the stories are available without paying, so you can figure out if you like it.


Thanks for the rec, I was looking to something like that. I still cannot write kana by memory.
App store name was “Learn Japanese!” actually, but the app logo is just “Japanese!”.

I wish apps wouldn’t do that; makes it very hard to tell people about them, hehe.

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you can use your wanikani key code thing and it connects to your account. It’s basically the same as wanikani but instead of seeing the kanji and writing the name and reading you see the name and write the kanji/reading