OSX Catalina upgrade messes up Wanikani fonts

Yeah of course I paid for it no question asked. After all we use this extension every single day :slight_smile:

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Anyone else having problems with custom fonts on Catalina / Safari 13? ArmedBanana and other custom fonts no longer work. The problem seems to be Safari specific, and not TamperMonkey / Jitai - setting font-family to ArmedBanana works in Chrome, but shows up as some ugly serif font in Safari.

I’m still getting this behavior as well on the latest catalina and latest chrome. :confused:

Looks like they merged a fix for the issue in chromium however. Anyone tested on a future release of chrome to see if it’s resolved?

FYI as of today this issue is still broken on Chrome (Chrome 78) and Chrome beta (Chrome 79).

The issue is fixed on Chrome dev (Chrome 80).

We can expect the fix to propagate to Chrome beta towards the end of this month, and to Chrome release around February.


I wrote this very dirty quick fix. Don’t judge me :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t remember the exact font that should be resolved. If anyone of you remember, I’m happy to update my fix.

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Looks like Chrome 80 fixes the issue. Please verify.

Yes, it’s good for me now. Safari is my ‘WaniKani browser’ now though so it took a while to retest! And maybe not going back to Chrome :slight_smile:

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