Opps Button

I don’t want to install an override script because although I believe I could use it responsibly, I don’t want to tempt myself. But I do wish for typeos there was a way to at least freeze the item without dropping it down an SRS level. I just failed to burn 海 when I typed “se” instead of “sea” and accidently hit enter. Fine, I got it wrong, I get that, but all the way back to Guru? Come on…

I say the word in my head, so if it’s supposed to be いき (for example) but I type いじ, I’ll “cheat” and fix it. BUT if I say いき and it is supposed to be いく I mark it wrong and try to get it right in the future.

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That’s even more heartbreaking than usual, seeing as your name is @Oceansea :frowning:


Exactly my point lol

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