Onslaught of Lessons

I am a fool. End of topic, goodbye.

Lol just kidding. But I just leveled up from level 4 to 5 (rookie numbers, i know) and the number of lessons I have is… vaguely concerning. Yesterday I ended up Guru’ing a WHOLE bunch of kanji all at once, which sent my lessons up to about 90 (since I already had a pile of them sitting). Then today, I Guru’d more kanji so now my lesson count is… image

Yeah I got a bit of a fright when I saw that number pop up lmao. Probably tiny numbers for some people but it’s definitely the most I’ve ever had. Might have to bump up my lessons-per-day from 10 to 15 if I want to get through that pile in a reasonable amount of time! I really do need to work on getting through more lessons but I seem to get loads all at the one time and then they all just pile on top of each other. Oh well. Cool to be on Level 5 anyway!


Welcome to level 5!!! Your reward is moooooore lessons!


Don’t worry about the rate of getting through them!

I had 120 lessons from level 11 to 12, but I’ve just been slowly working through them at 5 a day, sometimes 10 a day (if I’m feeling particularly motivated!) otherwise I’ll just end up overwhelmed with reviews :wink:


Yep, can’t wait to learn more useful vocabulary (according to the email they just sent me, anyway)!!


Thanks for the advice, I’m the type of person to want to see a nice “0 Lessons” sign haha. I’m definitely going to take my time with it though, got to make time for my university work I suppose haha


Me too! If you’re not already taking part in the 0/0 streak challenge, that can be a nice motivator, but there’s no pressure to get it straight away! You can go at you own pace :slight_smile:

The 0/0 Streak Challenge

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Unless you reorder your lessons so you skip the vocab lessons, this is about as big as the pile gets.

I usually make sure to spread out my kanji lessons over several days, so I can get most of the vocab lessons before I level up. Last level up I had about 90 lessons in total, because I was already working on the level’s vocab for a couple days before I guru’d 90+% of the kanji.


Yes, I definitely need to get more regular about doing my kanji lessons every day, instead of skipping days here and there. The thought I try to keep in mind is that once they’re in the review pile then they can be there as long as they need to be, as long as I’m not avoiding lessons because I’ve got some tricky reviews.


Recommendation I have is, try to keep your Apprentice items at 100. If you know in 4ish months you will have time to deal with 148 Burn items popping up (assuming you get all the SRS levels right straight away), then Lesson away! :smiley:

148 per level is about normal if you stage it so all the kanji level up around the same time. The way I handle it is:

  1. Level up
  2. Learn all radicals, add in about 5 new kanji
  3. Next day learn about 15-20 lessons of vocab
  4. Next day, do 15-20 kanji (generally more like 10-15 given I already did 5)
  5. Next day learn about 15-20 lessons of vocab
  6. When remainder of kanji open, learn the rest
  7. Keep doing 15-20 new vocab lessons each day

This way you are spacing out your kanji SRS level while still being in a 7-10 level up path and it won’t pop 150 at a time. It will probably pop 40-80, then another 50 but will space the pop over a few days.

I HAVE to work this way. If I see 150 Lessons pop, my brain just wants to give up. Others, it’s not a problem and they just keep pushing through. Figure out what you need and hopefully you can avoid the 150 lesson scare next time! :wink:

Good luck on your studies!


my lesson plan for a new level looks approximately like this:

  • day one: new radicals
  • day two: new kanji
  • day three and four: remaining vocab from last level
  • day five: second batch of new kanji, unlocked by radicals
  • day six and seven: new vocab from unlocked first batch of kanji
  • day eight: extra day

if you do your second batch of kanji after 3 1/2 days that squishes everything a bit tighter, but you can finish the level in 7 days. you could also spread out the vocab from days 3 and 4 onto day 6, and then the new vocab on day 7 and 8

this does require the Lesson Filter userscript, and i definitely want to have the vocab from unlocking the first batch of kanji done before i level up. i.e. before i start guruing the second batch of kanji. and this does lead to almost 30 lessons a day, in particular in the lower levels.

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Thanks for the advice! My Apprentice items are only at 32 right now so I’m doing well on that front, at least!

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Wow, I’m super impressed by that plan, I could never do something so fast-paced haha

Be careful reordering your lessons so that you do radicals and kanji before vocab from the previous level. If you are on top of it consistently every level then it’s fine, but if you skip a day here or there, or you get behind on your lessons, it’s easy for the lesson pile to grow as you learn new radicals and kanji then unlock new vocab, but not actually get to those vocab lessons.

The default ordering of previous lesson’s vocab → radicals → kanji → new vocab is set up so this doesn’t happen. You can’t learn the new kanji until you’ve cleared out your backlog of vocab lessons. The vocab is there to teach you the readings of the kanji, not just one that is used for the kanji lessons, so they’re just as important when learning the kanji!


Skipping days for lessons is fine. If you’re sticking to the Apprentice 100 limit then there are going to be days when you won’t be able to do lessons.

Reviews are the ones you shouldn’t skip.


Yep I definitely prefer doing all the vocab from the previous level before starting anything from the next level. Much easier on my brain to keep it to the levels rather than having vocab from all over the place in my lessons!

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Ooh yeah you’re right, that review pile builds up fast :joy:

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