Onna or Jiyo

I thought that the japanese word for woman was Onna but the website corrects me to Jiyo. is Onna wrong?

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おんな is the kun’yomi. じょ (written “jo” or “jyo,” not “jiyo”) is the on’yomi.

From the FAQ:

Accompanying article from the WK creators:


Just to further add to @Omun’s already-spectacular response, which, in short, is that there are multiple pronunciations for the 女 kanji meaning “woman” (as is the case with almost every kanji), is that the different pronunciations (usually) occur between singular kanji and compounds.

Using the 女 kanji as an example, you could say (おんな) or 女の人(おんなのひと) to mean “woman”, or you might have a word like 王女 pronounced おうじょ, meaning “princess”, or 女子 pronounced じょし meaning “woman” or “girl”.

TL;DR there are multiple pronunciations for kanji, usually varying based on being “compound” words or stand-alone words (i.e. on’yomi & kun’yomi, which are the Chinese & Japanese pronunciations, respectively).


You’re confusing the reading of the individual kanji with the reading of the kanji as a word. They will not always be the same. じょ is a correct reading as in 女王 (じょおう) or 王女 (おうじょ) or 女子 (じょし) or 少女 (しょうじょ).

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