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Hey everybody

WaniKani is a very good (in my opinion the best) possibility to learn Kanjis. While learning all of this Kanjis, I was able to improve my reading ability a lot and now I can already read and understand more or less all of the written Japanese (of course I’m lacking some grammar here and missing a word there to fully understand everything). That being said, I’m still pretty bad if it comes to oral communication… Maybe I’m not the only one who feels this way.

Anyways, I’m working on improving my oral skills. One way of improving it is the online izakaya of my Japanese teacher. Approximately every two weeks at 8:00-9:00pm CET, there is a meeting where you can speak with other Japanese learning people about daily life topics and other stuff.

Finally, this online izakaya is the reason why I created this topic. If you like to join us, you can sign up for free on this website for the next meeting:

Feel free to share your ways of improving your speaking ability!


Do they mail you the beer and snacks? :stuck_out_tongue:


Currently you have to bring it by your own but maybe we can implement it on a later point :thinking:

It says the next meet up is 20:00 central Europe time. I know 20:00 is 8pm, but that’s not 8pm North America time is it? (Or whatever timezone America uses)

Sounds fun! But I’m afraid I’m so far behind that I would only be able to nod my head and say:

Hello, fellow Jiji! :smile_cat:

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America is large enough horizontally that it needs to use several time-zones, but if you don’t know your timezone, you can do the math and compare it with the current CET here. Hope this helped!

It doesn’t matter if you can’t say that much, just try it out and I’m sure you will improve your speaking skills. Even if you just listen to others, you’ll learn much. None of us is a speaking master so don’t hesitate to join us. :smile:


@rfindley hello higher leveled Jiji! :smiley_cat:

@FabianHaller Allright then! I hope I don’t forget the date. Maybe after a drink I’ll losen up a bit :joy:

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