Here's an easy place to practice conversation

Hi, I’d like to invite people to a weekly virtual meet-up I’ve been attending with a small group of Japanese learners online. The meeting takes place every Saturday at 8pm in the UK, 3PM eastern time, 2PM central time. Anybody, beginner to advanced, is welcome to participate. This was set up by Cure Dolly’s community (if you don’t know about Cure Dolly, search for other topics on this forum) and is still running every week even now.

While it’s not as good as speaking with natives, it’s a free and easy environment to train yourself to construct Japanese sentences in real time.

There’s also an associated forum where speaking English is forbidden which you can visit during the week while waiting for the meet-up. It’s a good place to practice writing.

Information about the meeting is here: 初心者のハブ(毎週 土曜日 19:00 UTC) | オーガニック日本語の掲示板
For information in English there is a section about it in an article on Cure Dolly’s website: Learning to Speak and Write in Japanese | Organic Japanese with Cure Dolly
The meeting takes place here: Trusty Helpful Outing | Hubs by Mozilla
The forum I mentioned is here:

I hope I can see you there soon.


Ah, I’d love to but that’s early morning for me and Saturday is sleep in time. I may check it out if I get a chance. :+1:

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Ooo. I might do that. I love cure dollys stuff, makes the lamguage logical and simple whereas textbooks tie themselves up in knots…


The meeting is live now in case somebody wants to join.

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I wish I was good enough to actually take part in conversations. I feel like I owe Cure Dilly so much, she made Japanese seem less mysterious and a lot more logical. I didn’t even understand the difference between は and が properly until I found her channel. Maybe someday…