OMG I Can Read It and It's Wild!

Last week I had one of those happy happy joy joy experiences where I came across a webpage and could actually read all the kanji on it. Note: I didn’t know all the words, but I knew all the Kanji. The rush of pleasure I got from this realization was quite substantial.


I was going to post the page, but unfortunately I lost it and couldn’t find it again.

So I thought it would be cool to have a place to post for when you experience this.

What I’m looking for specifically are pages or full documents that can be either copied into a post here, or linked to, where every Kanji can be read at a specific WK level.

If you can figure out which level the highest Kanji is, that would be even better. So anyone reading this thread can check out things that are their current level or below and presumably be able to recognize all the Kanji in the document.

Note: I’m not really worried if it’s vocabulary that isn’t covered on WK, just that all the Kanji in the word is covered. I would also say a buffer of one unknown or uncovered Kanji is fine, but not two!
Also make sure it’s a complete document, as in an entire page from a website or an entire article from a news site like:

It’s a challenge!!!


I recommend Todai apps. It clearly show the JLPT level of each vocab and kanji.


i’m proud of you. this injection of motivation are really awsome. keep up the good work and both of us will reach fluency :heart:

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Congrants! Can’t wait to get like you, i’m on level 2 right now and while i’m so happy to be able to know the few simple kanji I know so far. Looking forward to being able to decipher and translate some of the more complicated ones in the future!

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Any takers yet?

Even if you are level 60, it would be cool to see what kind of pages you all can read…


Yeah, no, not really. But hopefully this will be useful to others.

I’ve been browsing through the NHK News Easy site, but there’s constantly been Kanji that I don’t know, so I’ve decided to try something a bit different.

I’m going to start finding small articles and looking up the levels of the Kanji on WK and post them here. That way I can start to determine a very rough average of what level we need to be to read at least most of an article on the site.

So the first one I decided to try didn’t have any Kanji that weren’t covered in WK, but there was a Level 60 included. Next highest level was 50, then 49, a couple at 36, then 21, 17, and the rest were 15 or below.

So what I’ll do is:

  1. Suggest a WK level for attempting to read the text based on the average level of the Kanji
  2. Paste the text here without furigana
  3. Post the link to the original article
  4. List any words that are made with Kanji from WK, but don’t actually show up as a vocabulary word with Kanji Level, Reading, and Meaning
  5. List the Kanji that are higher than the suggested WK reading level with Level, Reading, and Meaning

When I’m posting the meanings of the kanji, I will only be listing the base forms of verbs and adjectives, as I’m not confident enough in my grammar abilities to make sure my translations are accurate.

Once I have a few of them done (no idea how often I’ll post them) I’ll link to them in the OP.

So here’s the first one:

Suggested Reading Level: 15+

[5月28日 12時00分]





Kanji Covered but Not Included in WK Vocabulary List:

Level 1, 5, 9: 山形県 - やまがたけん - Yamagata Prefecture
Level 2: 田んぼ - たんぼ - Paddy field; Farm
Level 2, 15: 手伝い - てつだい - Helper
Level 10, 7: 農家 - のうか - Farmhouse
Level 49, 21, 7: 鶴岡市 - つるおかし - Tsuruoka (city)

Kanji Above Level 15:

Level 17: 薬 - くすり - Medicine
Level 36: 幅 - はば - Width
Level 36: 将来 - しょうらい - Future
Level 49, 21, 7: 鶴岡市 - つるおかし - Tsuruoka (city)
Level 50: 邪魔 - じゃま - Hindrance
Level 60: 濁る - にごる - To become muddy

Let me know if you notice any errors.

Also feel free to use this thread to post your attempts at a translation of the text or ask any questions about translations. My grammar is terrible, but someone else may be able to help! ^ _ ^

If you attempt to read it, let me know how you went!