10 months in, almost level 31


Jeez. If you told me 10 months ago that I’d know over 1000 kanji at this point, I would have laughed at you. It still kind of hurts my brain knowing I know so many of these little moon runes.

I have two anki decks that I work everyday, and I’ve gotten N5->N3 grammar down in Bunpro (Working on N2). And when I can, I listen to Peppa Pig in Japanese for comprehension practice (Still haven’t really found anything good to read). It makes me smile looking back at crap I saw 10 months ago that made my brain melt and now I can go “Oh, this is easy”

Just wanted to create a thread. I’ve passed the halfway point of WK and have made great strides in this language. Let’s keep the train going. Choo choo!



I have the same feeling as you… 1000 kanji… it was a pipe dream before discovering WK.
I’m way behind in grammar, but I will start to work hard on it.
As for something to read, maybe you can join us in 少女終末旅行 and/or しろくまカフェ. I will read both :smile:.
Best of luck to you, don’t let the train stop :bullettrain_front:

edit: wrong reply :sweat:


Well, I am impressed, because I’ve been at this for two years (though I took some rests) and just got to level 12.

Level 31 in 10 months is psycho 最高!


I got to lvl 20 last night and I’m planning to take a week or two rest from studies, I’m looking for a different job and this transitioning phase is just the worse time to study kanji


Hrm, ive done 27 levels in about 12 months and i feel the same way. Learning Japanese has been like a midlife crisis for me but 18 months ago i would have thought this was impossible at 30 around a full time job. Keep trucking.


I hear you! Every time I switch jobs I end up taking so much time off WK that I have to reset to level 2 and start over again.


Good for you! I couldn’t maintain that kind of speed, but I’m glad that you’ve been thriving.
I slowed down a bit just so I could focus on other personal project, but I’ve kept up reading. I can make some recommendations to you if you’d like.
I’m always looking to help.


I’ll take any recommendations you have.